Where it all began…

Last Friday marked 2 years to the day that Corey and I met. My gosh time has flown by and so much has happened. I’ve written a lot on this blog about our day to day life and mentioned at times how very much I love my family but never has there been a post declaring my love for my husband. Today however, that changes. Because I always enjoy reading other peoples “How we came to be” stories I’m going to regale you all with ours. Please be warned there are moments of naivety, comedy, drama and romance, it’s like a Corey Stone Red Robin’s Milkshake. (For those of you who don’t know, Corey asks them for a milkshake that is made up of all the flavors on the menu except banana, which works out to about 6. I think it’s gross but as with any ice cream desert his face is full of pure satisfaction.)

Corey and I actually spoke on the phone before we ever met face to face. The story of how I came to know the friend that introduced us is long, dry and a little like a stale rice cake – booooring. So I’ll skip right to the night Corey called. I was home chatting on MSN to some old friends when Allan popped on line. Now Allan, is to put it nicely a bit of a flirt at times and a real goof. He’s been a great friend over the years but at the time I wondered how I was still talking to him as I’m not a real flirt back. But being that I was bored and lonely I indulged in a conversation. What came of those instant messages was that he had a friend – Corey- who was down visiting him is Surrey for the weekend but was actually from Winfield. He figured we’d get along and that we should meet up. Now being the kinda guy Al can be I was a little hesitant to meet his friend but I was curious. Something in my gut told me that I should talk to him. So what I did was tell Allan that Corey could call but he had 10 minutes or I wasn’t going to answer. And as all of you know I’m stubborn enough to watch the clock with a close eye.

9 minutes and 30 seconds later (yup I timed him) the phone rang. With sweaty palms and butterflies in my stomach I answered. Corey says that the minute he heard my voice he knew he was going to marry me. I wish I had something that profound and sweet to tell you all but really what I thought was “Mmmm nice voice, wonder if he’s hot”. Shallow I know but, hey…..

We had a great conversation and arranged to meet at my work when Corey came back into town. It was my safety zone and gave him a chance to decide without any pressure if he wanted to actaully have to spend some one on one time with me or not. He walked through the doors at Pharmasave, smiled and I was sunk. We talked for my entire lunch hour and I had to actually kick him out so I could go back to work. But not before we made arrangements for him to call after work for our date.

I walked through the door that night and my phone was ringing. Corey told me that we were going to take the Sea Doo’s out on Okanagan lake with his family. I was to meet him in an hour at his Grandma’s orchard and to bring a swimsuit. Never in my life have I gotten showered, hair done and makeup on so fast. I didn’t however bring my suit. I didn’t know you could take a SEA doo on to fresh water so I thought he was kidding. That and I really didn’t want him to see me in a swim suit – I wanted a second date.

When we got to the lake Corey handed me a wet suit. Now I didn’t have a swim suit so we had a dilemma, unless I wanted to go in the buff under the suit I was gonna have to fess up to Corey that I was sans bathing suit. The look on his face when I told him I didn’t bring it and that I would just sit on shore was probably one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. Just as I turned to walk of the dock his dad piped up and said that I should trust Corey, fully clothed, because he was the best. I wouldn’t be sorry. I turned, he smiled and once again I was sunk. So on I got and folks let me tell you, this wonderful man took me all over that end of Okanagan Lake and didn’t even get them hem of my jeans wet. It was the most fun and scariest thing I’ve ever done (I don’t like rides or anything remotely “dangerous”. The ferris wheel makes me sick.) what a thrill!! It was on that ride I learned I could trust him, how strong he was, I saw his grey hair for the first time and when I heard the first whisper from God “Here is your One.”

That date lead to a few more adventures, one of which included a quad and a lot of mud and one that came with a hand picked from is Grandma’s garden, bouquet of flowers – my first flowers from a boyfriend. Another that was a subdued night at my place watching a movie. We were all cuddled up on the couch and I turned to look at Corey and it was as if God had given me a glims of what his eyes would look like at 60 years old and all I could think was “I have to be there, I have to see them.” That was the day I knew he was the One for sure and the man I was going to marry.

The story of how he proposed is one in it’s self but 7 months later we were married and a little under a year after that our daughter was born.

The last 2 years have been amazing! Crazy, hectic and full of trials and joys but I wouldn’t trade them for a second. Corey is my perfect man. There is no greater husband (for me), no better friend or a bigger blessing (our daughter aside). He is a true example of Jesus light and sincere compassion. His smile is the brightest thing in any room and to top off all the corny comparisons he is my Prince Charming.

I know it’s been a little bit of a long post and for me one that has left my keyboard swimming in salt water but please bear with me, I’m a woman in love!

Corey-Bear, thank you for a wonderful 2 years and I look forward to the next 80! I love you!