5 thoughts on “So fast

  1. Hi, We feel so blessed to be able to be right there when Bethany took her first steps. Well when we watched the video, it felt like we were right there, it is so great. We so love you guys so much and want to be there, but the videos will keep us real close, so please keep filming… God bless and keep you all. Love Grampa & Gramma Kimmie…

  2. Ashley,Yes another message but I had only seen the video when first I wrote. Love and a belated Happy Birthday to Bethany and Corey. I hope they and you have your best year ever, although I don't know how you could be happier than what you have expressed in your writings. It's wonderful, as is your ability to write in such a way that grabs us so well. Love, Sue

  3. Wow! We cant believe it! she is growing up way to quick we feel like we are missing out on so much! We glad to see you are all doing well.Love you guysScott & Chels

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