Corey’s Fun

Corey and a buddy from work decided that since the weather was nice today they should hop into their trucks and head out for some, “Corey Fun”. Corey Fun = driving around in muddy, dusty, watery, and quite often forested areas, leaving behind large tire ruts and in today’s case one of Corey’s windshield wiper blades. He came home with a muddy truck, a huge smile and it’s wonderful!

3 thoughts on “Corey’s Fun

  1. OHHH Corey I am so glad that you got to go and do this….you like you had so much fun!!!!!! Love ya sweetie Ma Jackie

  2. That looks like you had way too much fun without me…My truck would look so much better dirty, as it shows up much better on white,hahaha…We will have to try it out next time I get down there or in Kelowna….God bless. Love you lots Mom

  3. Scott says looks like fun (with the sound of jealousness in his voice) Love ya lots Corey!

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