You say Potato….

Sometimes I wonder how it is that I’m married to the man that I am. Now it’s no secret how Corey and I met and got married nor do I hide the fact that I am totally and completly in love with him. But there are days that I marvel at the fact that we get along, we love, survive, even thrive together.

In so many areas of our lives together Corey and I are a complete match and compliment to each other – our faith in the One true God has given us a bond that runs deeper than any vow of love could, that same faith allows us to pray together for our children, our lives, our family, our “world” and all those in it. One of our very first connecting points was a love for Chevy trucks and although Corey’s truck love is a 1976 Chevy Cheyenne and mine just happens to be a Chevy Silverado Thunder Special Edition, black with black leather interior, with the lightning bolt on the tailgate (off the top of my head) we both agreed on our very first phone conversation that FORDS SUCK! : ) Neither of us eats seafood and we both agree that one of the most beautiful places to be is Okanagan Lake at Sunset.

That however, is where it seems to stop somedays. Not that we argue about our differences but sometimes they seem to stand out like mud on a white dress. Where I love ice skating and everything hockey (live not that boring ol’ TV stuff), Corey loves mountain biking and hiking. And while I will go for a good nature walk, I really don’t care for the kind of hiking that requires special boots and respirators – ok so I exagerate I don’t think he’s that extreme…but I’m making a point here. In the next breath, Corey has attended the odd hockey game with me and try as he might to be invovled and understand, offside really is a foreign concept to him and the crease is the line that runs down the side of the goalie’s hockey pants. Where I fold my t-shirts clothing store style – 2 sleeves under and in thirds, Corey insists on his being folded in half down the center and in half again. Where nothing is yummier to me than things that are crunchie and salty and chip like, Corey’d wrestle you for a bowl of ice cream and then take 2 hours to eat it. He worries about things like oil changes and tire rotation, while I’m busy making sure the beds are made and the toilets clean….I mean seriously dude, oil schmoil, am I right ladies? (be warned the wrong answer could result in you wearing a nice bucket of it )

Sometimes I sit back and think of our differences and wonder how it’s possible even through them all we manage to be so happy together. Where I’m impatient and highly motivated (read: a little too tightly wound), Corey is relaxed, happy to wait it out and melow. How did He know that’d work out so well? I mean, really how great is it that I never have to share my Salt and Vinegar chips and I don’t beg for any of his mint chocolate ice cream. And even better still, what a treat to be able to take my children to the feet of our Father and pray holding the hands of my best friend. Even if we can’t decide whether we should sit or stand…

4 thoughts on “You say Potato….

  1. Sounds like you perfectly compliment each other and that is the amazing thing :-)Love all the pictures, they are beautiful.

  2. Great post, Ashley. I have often also marveled at how Steve (a workaholic who likes dirtbiking and snowmobiling), and I (a complete and utter sloth who enjoys Starbucks and shopping) have made it! Opposites attract, I suppose. 🙂

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