The Grey Cloud of Mommy Guilt

It’s up! (Why is that phrase makes me giggle? I know, I know, grow up) That’s right there’s another post up over at Mamapedia Voices.  Today, I’m talking about “The Grey Cloud of Mommy Guilt”

Please go over and take a look, then if you like what you read, link to it on Facebook or Twitter, or link to me here, pretty please!  This is one of those topics that for me was a real revolation.  I had no idea that I would feel like that, and I had even less of an idea that it was totally normal.  Why not share the news and take the stress off those guilt ridden people we call parents.

In Case you forgot, CLICK HERE TO READ!

And if you felt really awesome (which of course you are) come back and tell me what you think.  Do you agree?  Do you disagree? Share a moment of the guilt with me, let’s shed a little light on that cloud and make it not so grey!

One thought on “The Grey Cloud of Mommy Guilt

  1. Right on the Money Ash! What I feel in a nut shell. I also feel like it is being tested very heavy right now. Two is a very different stage and as it has its UPS it is very hard to deal with at the sametime. I am learning that I make it worse by giving in so being strong and remembering that I am dong it for her own sake is really hard but nessesary. MG sucks! but your right its there because we LOVE!

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