It’s a Moving GIVEAWAY!

*Notice, this is a post about a fabulous GIVEAWAY I just have a lot to say before I get to it, bear with me (is it bare or bear with me?)
Moving is a pain in the butt.  Growing up we moved quite a lot, all with in a teeny, tiny town, but it was still moving.  It didn’t exactly leave me with a love of the process, in fact it left me kind of loathing it.  The whole, packing and unpacking, cleaning places you almost never clean (seriously  how often do you move your fridge out and wash the floor?) and then getting rid of the boxes you’ve become emotionally attached to because you’ve spent hours with them…it’s all tedious.

Apparently moving a blog isn’t much easier.  I’ve spent time learning code, and then realizing I learned it wrong.  I bet I tried out 30 different themes before I found one that I liked, I played around with a bazillion headers before I finally decided to create my own and I’ve been trying out plugins (I had to first learn what the heck a plugin was) trying to find the ones that would work for me.  I’ve added pages and links, and still I’m not quite satisfied, but it’s getting there.

Just like real moving, it’s going to take me some to get everything into just the right place.  I’ll put things in one place and then a few days later move them again because it doesn’t “feel right” and so on and so forth, but it’ll eventually get there.

This is where you come in.  Sometimes, for things to find their perfect place, they need someone else’s opinion, a different perspective.  And that’s exactly what I’m asking you to do, check us out and see what needs fixing, adding, adjusting?

And since, I know that while you love to give advice and suggestion (no? That’s just me?) I’m going to sweeten the pot.  I’m going to make it a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!  Think of it as a reverse house-warming gift!

Wanna know what you’re gonna win?  It’s pretty sweet!  It’ll be your choice of a Starbucks Card, a Tim Horton’s Card, or an iTunes card, or a Pre-Paid Visa!  (ps. This card will arrive much quicker than the one I still owe poor Kelsey from my last giveaway! I sent the whole package and forgot the Sbucks card.  She’s been über patient waiting for me to send it, which I’ll now remember to do.  SORRY Kelsey!)

How do you win?  Let me tell you.

1. You leave a comment, telling me either one thing you’d like to change or one thing you really like.  You’ll earn yourself 1 Entry

2. Like to make your odds better and make me even happier? Click one of the share buttons on the bottom of this post and share a little love. (I’ll know, this here blog is fancy and I can track those things) 1 Entry

3. Share this on your blog!  That’s right, blog about it, link here and then comment and tell me you did (because I’m not that creepy)! 1 Entry

This Contest Closes at 12:00pm October 31 2010, a winner will be announced Monday November 1 2010. (Fine print, this contest is created and funded by Our Family Stone. Yada Yada Yada nothing given to the blog owner for free, blah blah)

So take a gander around, get your entries in and good luck!  Please participate and share!  Moving also results in address changes and so often you lose a few and have to collect your missed mail, I don’t want to be missed!  We love our comments and having you all here, so share us around, please!  Also, keep in mind that the outcome of this GIVEAWAY will dramatically effect whether or not I do a week of Giveaways this holiday season!  Remember last year?  It was awesome, but if nobody wants anything for free….

What am I talking about?  Everybody wants something for free!!!

5 thoughts on “It’s a Moving GIVEAWAY!

  1. I like two things: your nice, personalized header. And the fact that you were brave enough to go out on your own, learn a bunch of tricky stuff and make your site all you’ve been dreaming of. I should follow suit. 🙂 I haven’t changed my look for about four years….eep!
    Amanda recently posted..70 Is the New 60!

  2. I like the header! I have no idea how to make something like that so it is super spiffy in my opinion! I like the colour scheme too. I also like that I was mentioned in the blog… haha!

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