Today, on this your Birthday!

I talk a lot around here about how quickly time is flying by. I talk about how our girls are growing, how I feel like I blink and things disappear, pretty much I think it’s the language of a mom. I don’t know a mom alive who doesn’t lament at one time or another that her children grow way to quickly.

But something I don’t complain about often is how time flies even fast for the family we love and never see, especially the kidlets. I guess it’s chalked up to the fact that we are far away and visits are far too spread out (thankyouverymuch life for that), making the changes that much more obvious.

The thing is, today is November 4th and change has just slapped me in the face. Today my brother in law Travis turns 19, he was just a little kid yesterday. Happy Birthday Travis! Enjoy being an adult, be smart (grown up smart), be safe and don’t forget the golden rule (always, ALWAYS CHECK FOR ID, I will never stop harping on you guys over that. Well, maybe when you’re married but it will seriously depend on who you’re marrying).

While all that’s hard enough to believe, it’s not the main event. No, Travis shares his birthday with a very special little lady. Today, my niece Chloe turns 2! Subsequently, I feel as though I’ve done a time warp.

Two years ago, in the wee hours of the morning, Corey’s cell phone rang. On the other end was a tired, emotional Scott calling to tell us that Chloe Elizabeth had decided to make her grand entrance into this world. A little early by the doctor’s calculations but right on time for the rest of us.

We quickly (after completing a night’s sleep) made arrangements and it wasn’t but a few days later and we were on our way to meet and snuggle that sweet little girl. It was pretty obvious from that first visit that she was the apple of her Daddy’s eye, her Momma’s little princess and she thought her Uncle Corey rocked (duh).

In a whirlwind of babies, and life Chloe has grown from a teeny tiny little peanut to a walking, talking little girl.  She’s a little girl who loves life, loves people and if you ask me, is the perfect blend of both her parents.  She’s got her mommy’s stop traffic blue eyes and her daddy’s cheeky grin, and ya know, 2 years later she still has her Uncle Corey in the palm of her hand (since he’s already wrapped around his daughters’ fingers).

Bethany was so excited the day we told her a new baby was born, and the chatter of “Chloe this” and “Baby Chloe that” has yet to cease.  She’s a special part of this family, and on this her 2nd birthday we want to say

“Happy Birthday Chloe!  We’re so glad you’re here.  You’ve filled your parents’ arms with joy, laughter, poop and frustration (seriously who can forget poop, all babies poop. A lot.), your Aunties and Uncles’ hearts with warmth and your cousins futures with fun (oh the adventures you’ll all have!).  Each member of this family was created to be here, we waited so long for you and we can’t wait to see who you’ll become!”


We love you Chloe and Travis – Happy Birthday!

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  1. OH man Im a Mom for sure, I just sat here and read this very sweet blog and realised by the end I was balling my eyes out lol.

    Thank you Ash for this tribute to my most precious treasure!

    Love you all tons


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