Uno Moo!

After what felt like a crazy day on Saturday, the kids and I spent a portion of the evening doing something we don’t do enough.  We pulled out a board game, sat down at the table and hung out. 

Uno Moo has recently joined the ranks as one of our top 3 favourite games.  It’s meant for kids about 3 years and up, but isn’t so difficult that Audrey can’t join in with a little help.  It can take forever or be quick depending on how you set up and it’s a great way to practice your colors and animal names.

Bethany managed to beat Audrey and I twice at it on Saturday, skunking us both a few times. (Skunking is when you play a skunk and then force the player who’s turn is next to take an extra piece.  Up until about a month ago Bethany was unable to say “Skunk” and called those guys “kunks”.  Everytime I think about it I laugh. “Mommy I kunked you” Heehee)  It was fun, and in our house we don’t make a huge deal about winning so nobody felt bad.

It felt good to spend some undivided attention time with my girls, and the laughs made it twice as good.

If you’ve got small kids and are looking for a fun family game, I would totally recommend picking up the latest Uno Moo!

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  1. Good to know! I am always looking for good game for our family. And we don't do it often enough either, but it sure it good when we do. 🙂
    Niki F recently posted..Done!

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