It burned my buns

I was going to post a bazillion photos today of all the baking I did over the past few days.  With moving imminent I was trying to get all of my weekly baking done for the next two weeks in two days.  Everything was going well, the kids and I managed our new and amazing chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and granola bars done on Friday.  Then on Saturday I managed to get 2 dozen bran muffins done and buns ready to go in the oven. 

That’s when the dough hit the fan and my oven went on strike.  I mean seriously, we’re here another week and it decided that instead of 450 degrees it was content to hang at a cool 280.  Which meant nothing cooked and the chicken I was making for dinner along with the buns turned into this weird mush.  After a broiler attempt, which resulted in smelly mush and burnt buns, my garbage can wound up full and I wound up sad. 

Of all the things I bake buns take the longest.  It’s a 3.5 hour process, a lot of kneading and punching and shaping, and seeing it all go into the garbage broke my heart.

So, for today you’ll have to settle for this photo.  It’s a  multi-purpose shot.  Her face depicts about how I’m feeling and it’ll make you giggle, her expression however is her impression of “how Daddy smiles”

Here’s hoping the rest of the week goes better than Saturday.

2 thoughts on “It burned my buns

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I once made buns three times in as many days because I just couldn't get them right. And it weren't the oven's fault.

    At least you can blame the oven!

    That picture is priceless. But now I need to see Corey smiling to compare 😉

  2. Hey Kami… ask Ashley for the recipe. It is a family favorite. The recipe takes time but the results are amazing. Hugs on the oven honey…that is super frustrating.

    Love ya!!!

    hummm might make buns myself this week.. 🙂

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