I want an iPhone

We had some great company this past weekend come and visit us.  Dustin and Christy, along with their 3 munchkins – Ben, Meghan and Olivia, came to hang out this weekend and share with us, the incredible things God is doing in their lives. 

Their passion for the Hope Bay Bible camp and the people that they’ll meet is inspiring and at times, emotional.  It was such a great visit for Corey and I (and the girls, especially B were in 7th heaven over having 3 new playmates around) and as they drove away we both felt a sense of encouragement, and a little sadness that the visit had gone so quickly.

If you haven’t clicked the link above already, I strongly suggest that you do.  It’s their personal blog, and after you’ve taken a little time to see what they’re up to you’ll see why we had such a great time!

All that aside, there’s something else I’d like to say about their visit – they had iPhones.  Now I really want one.

My parents both have the 3G and they love them, I’ve been in the office watching the goings on of the iPhone for a while now and I had started to just slightly wish I had an iPhone, but I was holding it at bay.  Then they came with their phones and were talking about all the things they can do, that are practically and useful and I felt my heart skip a beat.  Now I really want one!  (It was about a 5 minute conversation so I can’t really blame them…)

I know it’s not probably going to happen.  I have a Blackberry (Crackberry) that still has almost 2 years left on the contract and so I can’t see being able to get one for a deal any time soon.  And to just buy one is waaay more money than I can or will spend.  So unless someone gets bored with theirs and wants to share, or I win it, or Santa really does exist, I’m going to have to settle for longing, at least for now.

It’s just I see all the possibilities, the apps, the things I could do from any and every where.  I know that can be dangerous, but man is it tempting.

What about you?  Do you have an iPhone? A CrackBerry? A Shoe phone, just like Get Smart?  And if you do what do you think?  Are you in love with your technology or are you like me and you ♥ whatever’s new and exciting and called an iPhone?

One thought on “I want an iPhone

  1. I have an iphone (3gs) and LOVE IT. It's so handy to have everything at my fingertips – phone, email, fb, texting, music, grocery lists, games for the kids, videos for the kids, googlemaps/gps. I can't remember my life before it. It's saved my sanity on many occasions being able to let the kids play an alphabet game while waiting in a long check out line up, or watch a short sesame street video while I was at the dentist.

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