A Christmas in Photos

Christmas has come and gone, and to be honest I’m glad.  It was a good year, it was a good Christmas, but the days that have followed have been much more enjoyable.  Filled with family visits (photos to come), good movies and trips to the mall to score serious deals on clothing.  (I’m working on acquiring a wardrobe that fits and doesn’t look as though I’ve borrowed my clothes from Shaq)

Over the past 4 years a tradition I quite love and loath has slowly crept into play.  Each Christmas morning, after the gifts are opened we set up the camera and take a self timer family photo.  We keep the morning of Christmas closed doors to everyone else and so, there is no one to snap the picture.  I loath these photos because I haven’t washed my face, the kids’ hair isn’t done and they’re often blurry.  But I love them even more because they capture a moment, one with all of us to see how our kids have grown and our Christmases change.

This years photos didn’t disappoint and continuing with tradition they were taken….

2007 – This one doesn’t really count, but I couldn’t find the Christmas  morning shot and I love this picture of us.

2008 – Almost ready to burst with Audrey

2009 – Matching Jammies


2010 – Take 1, Come Audrey it’s not so bad

2010 – That’s better!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to all the joy the New Year can bring!  I’ve got more to say but it’ll have to wait until I’m a little more alert.

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  1. What a great tradition, it’s so fun to see how your girls have grown. Glad it was a good one and I agree, I am happy it is all over and life can resume as normal!
    Kami recently posted..Merry Christmas!

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