Silently Sick

I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mac Truck, or  Volvo or  a Western Star (because they suck wind, and a Peterbuilt would never hit or fly into me according to Corey)  It’s cold season and the girls decided in the spirit of share, share, share they did.  I didn’t say thank you.

It’s really just a cold, but I feel rotten.  I also know that they were feeling rotten – they got ice cream and “Get Better youp” (if you’re Audrey) with lots of movies and cuddles because I felt bad for them, but now I feel even worse because if they felt like this, it sucks.

As of this morning I have officially lost my voice, and while there are many that may not find that to be a problem I do.   Have you ever tried to get your children to take you seriously at a whisper?  Pretty much all I get out of them at the moment is a smile and nod and they continue on with whatever it was they were doing.  Good thing it’s the weekend and Corey’s home to pick up the slack.

He’s great.  When it became apparent there was no voice to be had, he got up with the girls, tucked me back in and let me sleep.  He’s made the girls breakfast and his planning and giving me the day to rest – I’m spoilt.  If this was any other day of the week, I’d be flying solo and it would be long and hard and I’m really glad, at least for today that I’m not.

It’s not really surprising that this cold has managed to get it’s ugly, phlem shaped talons into me this time.  I’ve managed to avoid the past 3 illnesses that have sauntered their way through our house, and with a bazillion birthday parties this past month, family functions and all the time spent shopping it was bound to happen. 

I’ll just be glad when it’s gone.  But for today, I’m going to soak up the help and care, spend an hour or 3 in my soaker tub upstairs, drink some Starbucks and plan for better days.

How are you feeling today?  Anybody have any super fantastic home remedies they’d care to share?

3 thoughts on “Silently Sick

  1. I find it interesting that when mamas get sick, they feel so lucky to be given some time to properly recover. But when men get sick…it is a whole other story. At least this is my experience with man-sickness!

    Today I am feeling quite depleted from work. I got off my last shift yesterday morning and had previously worked very hard. I am drained and exhausted and feeling a tad sorry for myself. I made myself go for a walk around the seawall, picked up a cappuccino and a new magazine. Hoping that will coax me into a more energetic state!
    Mama in the City recently posted..5 Simple Loves- Things That Make Me Swoon

  2. Ooo, loved Andrea's comment. So true. At least in our house. 🙂

    Sorry you're feeling so crummy! I feel a cold brewing in my throat/nose too, if that's any consolation? Hope you get well soon, Ashley.
    Amanda recently posted..Teething Bites

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