The shirts that Grandma made

We stopped at the post office the other day and were surprised by a parcel!  I don’t think it matters, what time of year, how old you are or what you’re expecting there is something exciting about getting a package in the mail!

Take One – I have no idea what Beth was doing…

With this being birthday season, I knew it had to be for one of our 3 birthday people.  Turns out it was for all three, score!

Take 2 – Audrey’s down with a smile, Bethany wants to play peek a boo

It was from Grandma and Grandpa John and inside there were cards and new sweatshirts that Grandma made!  The girls happily put them on yesterday, thrilled to have something cozy and comfy to wear.  They were less happy about being forced with the threat of time out if tantrums or attitude arose asked very nicely to pose for a few photos.

Take 3 – “DON’T TOUCH ME!”

With Grandma and Grandpa John so far away we wanted to be able to show them the girls in their new gear.   We know it’s not the same, but it’s the best we can do for now and hopefully it helps 🙂

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa John, the girls love them!

2 thoughts on “The shirts that Grandma made

  1. I agree. Parcels never get old! We love getting care packages up here, only thing is we only get them at birthdays and seeing as those are so close to Christmas the rest of the year is quite drab with only bills showing up in our mailbox 🙁 But oh well, when we do get one, we are excited!

  2. I must say they do look really cute on our granddaughters, and am happy to see they fit well. We have soooo much snow here that we just could not stay home, we went out and played, it was so great, we even had fun for you all…. I know Ashley likes that kinda fun in the snow…hahaha….It is coming down some more now. Thanks for posting the pics. Love you all. God bless…

    Grandpa John & Grandma/Mom

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