Top 10 “I’ll Nevers…”

This photo has nothing to do with this post.  I just love it!  They were colouring together on the floor (on paper) watching Rachael Ray with me…Moment in Time Frozen, check!

There’s this old saying, “Never say Never”.  Generally because it seems that as soon as one decides to utter the phrase, “Oh I’ll Never….” it happens.  Some say it’s Karma, others say it’s coincidence, I say it’s God showing His power.  At least, if I was God that’s how I’d show it…”Ohhhh so you think you’re smarter than the Almighty do you?  Let me just show you….”  Not really like that, but maybe.

In my life, it’s been a mix of the “nevers’ biting me in the behind and also, slipping by as truth.  I swore up and down about 55 million times in my teenage years that when I had children that “I would NEVER making my child answer me with “Yes Mom”.  It’s dumb”.  Ok, so maybe it seems dumb as a kid but it’s an excellent way to make sure they are listening and show a sign of respect.  Shouldn’t have said never, however I also said I’d never have a drop of alcohol, and so far that one has rung true.  I think it all comes down to God’s plan, life circumstances and the fact that some of our “nevers” happen simply because we age and mature into them.

However, that being said I still have a list of “Nevers”.  I’m not sure why but on my way home from Walmart tonight I got thinking about them and figured it’d be good Friday Blog Fodder.  These are a variety of “nevers” some I chose, some I don’t and other’s just for fun…

10. I’ll never own a hockey team.  I’d love to own a team, a WHOLE TEAM, from the Jerseys to the bleachers.  It’s like a hockey lovers dream!  I wouldn’t pick anything as bold and boring as the NHL, but rather a junior team, a place where the game is still #1 and the pay cheque is a distant dream, a chance to see kids (who are now younger than me) become everything they hope to be.  Unless we win the lottery* this will never happen.

9. I’ll never try out for American Idol.  One because I’m not American and two because I don’t take rejection well.  I believe in self-preservation not self humiliation.  Won’t happen, but that doesn’t mean when I’m alone at home with my girls, I can’t pretend with a hair brush and bad karaoke.

8. I’ll never stop being a Mom.  That very first moment I held Bethany in my arms, my life and my heart were changed forever.  And no matter what each day brings, no matter how old my girls get I will always be their Mommy, and that will always come first.

7. I’ll never stop being a “Daddy’s Girl”, just because I’m closer to 30 than I am to 20, and just because I’m #8 doesn’t mean that it takes away the special relationship I’ve got with my Dad.  And just between you, me and the internet – He’s still wrapped around my little finger 🙂

6. I’ll never purposely hurt anyone.  I may not always handle a situation correctly, I may respond in anger rather than compassion, in passion rather than in calm, but I will always do my best to protect those I love and to guard the feelings of those I don’t know.  Hurt may come in the wake of my being human, but I’ll never do it on purpose.

5. I’ll never understand “The Donald” and his hair.  We’ve been making fun of him for well over a decade and still the comb over lives on, I don’t understand. 

4. I’ll never be a pageant parent.  In fact, I’ll also never understand those who are.  It’s seriously disturbing watching what these women and men put their children through…for what?  Money? Fame? An unacheived dream?  It leaves me sad and longing to gather up each one of those little girls and give them a chance at a normal childhood.

3. I’ll never eat a chocolate covered bug – on purpose.  My little brother ate one this summer on a family vacation we took together and I almost puked on his shoes.  The idea that the average person eats 3 spiders a year in their sleep creeps me out bad enough, let alone to purposely each a chocolate covered grasshopper (purchased at the bug museum).  After saying this, I will also never eat any chocolate given to me by any of my brother(s) again without careful examination, it’s not suspicious, it’s smart.

2. I’ll never understand Corey’s love of old westerns, Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone.  Westerns = yawn, Clint Eastwood = Old, Sylvester = BAD ACTOR.  It’s gotta be a man thing.  Maybe I should rephrase this one I’ll never understand men – it’s a waste of 45 seconds, ladies, don’t bother trying.

1. I’ll never be worthy of the grace and forgiveness that God has given me.  I’ll never understand how He could give His SON for my salvation, and I’ll never be good enough to deserve what was handed to be on a silver platter by my heavenly Father.  But I’ll spend the rest of my life trying.

What about you?  What’s one of your “I’ll Never…“s?

*We’ll never win the lottery since I haven’t purchased a lottery ticket in about 8 years.  Can’t win what you don’t buy but you can’t waste what you don’t spend*

3 thoughts on “Top 10 “I’ll Nevers…”

  1. I will never get a tatoo!

    This was fabulous Friday blog fodder. I enjoyed them all and laughed out loud at the Donald one. NO KIDDING!

  2. 1. I will never understand how people can enjoy chocolate covered bacon eugh! (Most other chocolate covered things are wonderful though!)

    2. I will never enjoy horror movies – they're just too graphic for me

    Fun Post! Happy Friday 🙂
    cindy recently posted..Milestones are fun!

  3. 1) I will never get over the amazing talent my daughter has of writing down her thoughts and putting her heart on "paper" and in the meantime leaving you laughing, pondering and proud.

    I love you my darling little girl!

    Love Mom

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