How Old are you? 2!

Audrey’s 2!  It’s been 2 years since I was pregnant and complaining and aching to hold the little person inhabiting my uterus.  It feels at times like 2 minutes.  We’ve already established how fast parent time goes, but it still kicks me square between the eyes every January.  (In case you’re new around here January is birthday every weekend, more crazy than Christmas, Mommy’s about ready to burst by February 1st – in our house)

I look at my little AJ and she never ceases to surprise me.  Both because of how awesome she is and how totally and completely different than her sister she is!  She’s my spit fire, proof that I had no idea what a toddler attitude was the first time and our “little Momma”.

This second year with our Audrey-bell has seen so many changes, it’s seen the disappearing act of the baby days and the entrance of toddlerhood.  It has seen a friendship grow with her sister that is a vision of what’s to come, it has also seen their rivalry develop which too foreshadows many things.   She sleeps in a big girl bed now and loves it!  And while she’s proud that she’s a “big girl” with a big girl bed, a big girl panties and can do so many things, she makes sure to inform you she’s still a baby too. 

For all the things she wants to do and be, she still wants to know she’s my baby.  She still wants to curl up in my lap at night and she still wants to be little.  I like that.  All too soon her baby days will be a far distant memory and for now I’m not ready for that to happen.


Rosebud is also Little Ms. Independent.  Determined to dress herself like Bethany, she practiced over and over until now, she can put her pants and panties on alone.  She wants to brush her own teeth (and hates that I do it after) and walk by herself.  She wants to call the shots, to be “the boss”, if she’s angry you’ll know it and if she’s in a mood you’ll hear it (“No eat my dinner, It’s YUCKY!”  “Me don’t like it Momma, I not do it!” – Mommy’s been practicing deep breathing…) but if you’re hurt she’s there and if anyone’s sad, so’s she (“It’s ok Beppy!  I hear, me hear with you!”). 

Audrey’s a natural born Momma and loves to nurture and cuddle everyone.  She loves pushing her babies in her strollers, feeding them bottles, having me change their diapers 45 times a day and checking them over with her “docr kit”.  It’s so sweet to see her compassion shining through, her tenderness, her inner Momma – who she might be in 20 something years shining through.  It also makes me feel like in the moments I feel like the world’s meanest, grumpiest Mom, that I must be doing something right.

God’s given us a beautiful daughter in Audrey.  She’s everything we hoped she’d be and a million things more.  And on her birthday we just want to say…

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  You’ll always been my baby and we love you!  Here’s to a great and wonderful 2nd year!

3 thoughts on “How Old are you? 2!

  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to your sweet little Rosebud. Sometimes those days seem long and never ending, but overall they really do go by so fast. I love how watching children grow really makes time so much more obvious. Enjoy your feast of birthdays…January is almost over! 😉
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  2. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous little Rosebud…. I love you so much!
    Love You Grammy

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