The Push and Shove at Costco

So, I’m in Costco tonight, alone* and it’s time to get into the line. It’s Thursday night, and it’s not that insane(there was only one Sample Lady – who the heck would want to be there. Sunday’s the day to rock the Costco tastiness, a bazillion ladies, in hairnets and red shirts say “Would you like to try?” “Um, heck ya! I mean, oh yes please, I’d hate to make you feel bad by not trying one”). I’ve managed to find everything on my list (score!) and I’m ready to go home.

I head into a line that’s moderately small (I said it wasn’t insane, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t busy), and wait.  As I’m waiting a family, of a Mom, a Dad and a son (I assume) who’s about 30ish get in behind me.  Normally it would have meant nothing to me at all, I’d have barely noticed being that I’m all up in my head with lists of things to get done, but tonight was different.  You see, this particular family had been getting in my way all evening.  Every corner I turned there they were, bulldozing their way through the aisles and past people.  I even watched them cut off a Mom with a small child in tow and almost ran the poor kid over.   It had started to annoy me completely slightly and I was ready to be rid of them. 

Which made it just “perfect” when they got in line.  Anyways, I figured “No biggie, just ignore them.  It’s playground 101…”  And I did a good job, until this happens…

I’m unloading my cart, you know how the lines are at the Costco, one side of the till has the carts and the clerk and the other has the customers.  I’m unloading my cart, there are about 4 carts in front of mine plus the dude ringin’ stuff through and I’m going as fast as I can when the conver belt is jam packed full of the stuff from the lady ahead of me, who’s purchases are large in both number and size.

As I’m holding onto the side of my cart and pulling things out, the Dad decideds to get things moving, by reaching out, putting is big ol’ mitt on my cart handle and shoves it forward.  WHILE I’M STILL ATTACHED!  Like I’m holding onto the side, minding my own business, the next thing I know I’m bunny hopping forward, like I car with the e-brake stuck on.   (It was strangley reminicent of the Crazy Wrapping Paper lady from my youth. ) Anyways, I hang on a little tighter, shoot him my very best “Back off or loose a testicle” face and keep unloading.  I don’t have a clue what language they were speaking but it was apparent by the tone that he was annoyed that I wasn’t moving any faster, and the fact that the “push and shove” hadn’t worked.

The thing is, if there’s one thing you should know about me, its that I don’t do ANYTHING I don’t want to.  I am fully capable of getting the lead out, and I do most times, out of both necessity and impatience, however, should I feel pushed (or tailgated), rushed or annoyed, I have this uncanny ability to remove my inner hussle and replace it with my inner sloth.  It’s just how this attitude rolls, and it was exactly what happened tonight.

I did manage to survive the visit without being completely assulted, I held my tongue and thanks to an empathetic look from the other lady working the till, I was able to cool down enough to leave the man with whatever genitalia he arrived with, but it was tough.  I mean, seriously – who pushes a limping, sleep haggared woman, in a small line at Costco of all places?  I know – him!

The thing that got me is what did he think it was going to prove?  I mean, seriously there wasn’t anywhere for me to go, my cart certainly wasn’t in the way, I still had groceries in it and oh, by the way I was still holding on to it!  

How would you have handle that guy tonight?  Have you ever had a run in with an inconsiderate fellow shopper?

*Normally shopping alone is a treat, no kids, no husband, nobody to slow me down or put something into the cart that is completely unneccesary and unneeded.  However, tonight I didn’t feel like going.  I managed to injur my hip today, walking of all things and would have rather spent the evening in the tub, or at the very least with a partner to fight my battles for me.  But there was stuff I needed for AJ’s party on Saturday and it had to get done, so off I went.*

3 thoughts on “The Push and Shove at Costco

  1. Pretty sure I would not have held my tongue. I would have asked him where exactly he thought was “shoving me”.

    People! Seriously!

  2. That totally sucks and erks me! I was at Costco the other day too and some family "bumped" me while my babes was sleeping in her seat in the cart. I was not impressed because they just looked at me like I was in the way when I clearly wasn't because there was oodles of space around me and the lines weren't long either or backed up like they are on the weekends but still. I was not impressed, you don't wake some one elses sleeping baby. Not cool at all.

  3. I always tend to kill them with kindness and it works most of the time. People are so taken aback with my cheery sweetness that they end up feeling like a total fool. I use this tactic at work too. I meet A LOT of people and lots of ‘different’ types ofpeople too. I’ve learned that some people are just annoying in general.
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