The Warm and Cozy House Coats!

One of our girls’ favourite things is to be cozy (something their father also loves).  Whether its wearing their cozy pants – sweat/yoga pants or having their cozy get better beds on the couches on a home day (unicorn pillows from Nanny Sue and Grandpa Bert and the blankets that used to be their crib quilts, thanks to Grammy) or snuggled up in their jammies and a house coat – the mission most days for these two munchkins is to achieve the Cozy.

Back on Bethany’s first birthday she received a purple house coat as a gift.  It was her first and it quickly became an evening favourite (click here for adorable pictures).  As she grew the house coat shrunk into a house shirt and then it gaped at the belly and looked down right silly.  It was just in time though, because Audrey was then ready for one so she took the hand-me-down and B got a new house coat.

First Christmas Lights Drive 2009!

That was well over a year ago, and we were once again facing evening attire that didn’t fit. 

One of the things our kids love to do on a weekend night is “go for a drive”.  They have their bath, get their teeth scrubbed, put on pj’s and house coats and pile into the van.  Then we drive around for a little bit while they pass out.  It started with looking at Christmas lights and has now just worked into a favourite weekend event.  Corey and I don’t mind – it makes for an easy bedtime once a week!

New house coats!

Anyways, these evening require the proper warm attire, especially this time of year and it was getting tiny.

That’s when Grammy decided to make our girls the most adorable, matching house coats – I love them!  And so do the girls, they’ve worn them a ton of times since they came home on Thursday and yesterday evening was no exception.

Thanks Grammy for the warm and cozy house coats!  They’ll be well used and well loved!

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  1. Oh I am so glad they like them. Tell them when they put them on it is like a warm fuzzy hug from me. Oh love the pictures!!! Kisses and Hugs my little Sweet Pea and Rosebud. I love you both so much!!! Thanks for the pics Honey girl. Love Grammy / Mom

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