A fun and easy way to fill a Friday

We did a craft the other day that was super easy and really fun.  One of the jobs the girls have at dinner time is to get the placemats out and help set the table.  For a long time it’s mattered to them which mat they had and who put what mat where.

We’ve got a bunch of boring ol’ grown up mats, we’ve also got some Coca Cola ones (that’s right, I said Coke place mats, they were a gift from my brother and I love them!), and then there is the foam Dora mat that I loath.  I loath it because Bethany thinks it’s awesome to stab it a million times with her fork and it always winds up with her in trouble for not listening it.  Between you me and the internet, it may just “get lost” one of these days and not return.

Anyways, those mats were all ok, but none of them were very exciting for the kids.  We also had a whole bunch of cute and pretty christmas and birthday cards.  Bing!  A light went on! (rare moment)

While we love and appreciate every card that walks through our door, most of them end up in one of three places 1. the bottom of the kids toy bin after they’ve packed it around everywhere, 2. in a box in my hope chest that truthfully will probably never be read again or 3. sad as it is to say, in the recycle bin.  This bothers me each year because we know that it takes time and thought to write and send a card, and we don’t want anyone to feel under appreciated.  In case you do – you’re not!  Thank you and we appreciate it!


Anyways, I spent about 3 evenings with a ziplock bag, a huge stack of cards and some scissors.  I cut out all the cute photos, and words and put them aside.  Then I stopped off at the store and picked up some of that clear, sticky paper that you use to cover text books.  And we were set.

Last Friday rolled around and the girls were bored.  We’d done some things around the house, we’d played, we’d done laundry (whoot!) and they were bored.  So, we climbed up to the table, I pulled out the cut outs, some poster board (that I had previously cut out in the shape of a place mat), handed them each a glue stick – sidenote: Good idea for Bethany, baaaaad idea for Audrey, she put more on her hands then the paper, and let them have at it!

They did really well, together we drew outlines for their plates and cutlery (don’t judge the fork, I am NOT an artist and I traced the plate), the glued and colored, stuck stickers and had a good time.

Having Fun and also, in charge of the glue stick!

When they were all finished, I used the sticky paper on either side of their mats to seal them and make them waterproof and ta-da!   Just in time for lunch, two kid approved placemats.

The many moods of Audrey, she was bored waiting for me to finish the sticky paper and then she was thrilled to be able to eat lunch on it.

They are both so proud of themselves and they love pulling out their very own mats each night.  I love when the crafts we do, especially the simple ones turn out.  It’s so nice to know that the kids had fun, I recycled some things and they can keep all the thought and memories from the cards front and center.  Or covered in mashed potatoes and carrots, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Anybody else have any good rainy day crafts to share? 

ps. this will eventually go over to Kid Kadoodle Krafts with printable instructions but it’ll be awhile.

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