Sharing the Recipe Love – The Series Premiere

Monday was a “Bake-In” day for us around here.  Corey is a lover of all things baked goods, I am a lover of all things healthy, homemade, most of the time corn free and less expensive (have you seen what they charge for 6 granola bars?).  The kids are fans of anything that involves flour, a stool, eggs and a spoon – I may also be a fan of the fact that this generally fills sometime and is teaching them about healthy ingredients, treats in moderation and that it’s better to make it at home, than buy it in a package.

Anyways, I posted on Facebook using one of my favourite iPhone apps Instagram photos of our baked goods.  I love playing with  my phone and I feel like these photos give our friends a glimpse into our day.

Corey’s day often starts very early and he’s less than enthusiastic about getting up to make breakfast (we’re talking 4am people, I am NOT that wife who can haul her (sometimes barely asleep thanks to two children), self out of bed to create breakfast – I cook, I bake and I pack lunches that’s where it ends.  Anyways, he loves bran muffins, as do I but I can’t have store bought (also these are super high in calories!) or packaged mixes so I went in search of a healthy, safe recipe.  I found this one and we are IN LOVE!!!  I double it and make a little large muffins, yielding 18 muffins a week.

Not long after posting one of the photos the first request came in for a recipe.  I posted it and I’ve now seen all sorts of Facebook fans try it.  Yay!  That got me thinking…

Jen over at Hey, Mrs. Wilson!  Is to blame credit for this lovely recipe – Found Here (thanks Our Best Bites!)

Hmmm, what if I put up the photos on my blog and shared the love around a little?  I don’t have the energy or the want, to create a recipe blog.  I’m not making these up, just finding, sometimes modifying and loving them!  What I will do is every now and again I’ll put up the photos and the recipe links here for you all to try! 

That way there’s some love sharin’, some good eatin’ and who knows, maybe you’ll share a recipe or two with me to perpetuate the cooking (and eating) goodness!

These healthy, yummy granola bars are the RECIPE that started it all!  Again, cost and health prevent me from having granola bars and it’s a snack that Corey loves.  So I searched out a great many recipes and found this one.  I love how versatile it is, you can add or adjust what you want, but I use a little molasses, a little Agave Nectar and a little honey, I add chocolate chips (only enough to hide the health factor from my big kid), ground flax and raisins.  They turn out delicious and are one of my favourites too!

Ok, now that I’ve shared a few of my favourites with you, it’s your turn.  What’s one of your favourite recipes?  It can be a meal, a snack or a dessert, whatever it is, fork it over!  Please 🙂

One thought on “Sharing the Recipe Love – The Series Premiere

  1. Thanks for the recipes! I'm always in search of the perfect bran muffin recipe so look forward to trying that one.

    I'm going to try the granola bars too because you're right. The price for a box is CRAZY!

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