The Weekend Highlights

– The entire house was cleaned Friday by the girls and I (in case you were wondering that’s a 4 hour done in 8, thanks to their “help”.  I could have done it without them, but I wouldn’t have laughed as hard)

– I cashed a US cheque and discovered the Canadian dollar is higher.  When did that happen?! 

– The above discovery made me regret not having a current passport for the girls and I, and has now bumped it and a trip State Side soon for some serious shopping

– Corey spent all day snowmobiling with all the guys from his division from work!  Have I mentioned his boss and the company he works for ROCK!  He came home happy, tired and a little bit sore

– Corey brought home flowers for his wife with a card that said, “Because you make me happy! Love Corey Bear” have I mentioned my husband ROCKS!

– We took the girls skating for the first time on Saturday.  Bethany cried 2/3 of the time, her skates I found out after were hurting her (she didn’t tell me), I remembered how much I LOVE being on the ice, Corey remembered he can’t stop and Audrey decided she likes going for a ride in the stroller on ice – a lot!

– Hot chocolate after skating for the girls was worth all the tears.  Bethany was so proud of her “big girl” cup

– Saturday I spent 2 hours vacuuming out our vehicles and washing the interiors down.  Two thing surprised me, 1. I didn’t realize they were that bad and 2. I forgot how great a freshly cleaned vehicle smells

– Corey and the girls spent Saturday afternoon playing with all 3 of their remote control trucks outside and riding tricycles

– A cold has once again entered our home, Audrey was attacked first and Saturday night had us discover the cold decided to house its self in her ears (we spent 4 hours awake in the middle of the night and watched Dora until the Tylenol soothed her) a visit to the doctor Sunday morning confirmed ear infection.  This added to the 3 bladder infections the poor kid has had in less than 2 months means her 4 bout of antibiotics in as many months.  It sucks for her, a lot. 

– Bethany sounds like she’s getting it and I have a feeling it’s creeping my way too.  I plan to kill it with an entire bowl of roasted garlic hummus

– Grammy and Papa babysat for us Sunday afternoon so that Corey and I had some time alone together

– We went to Ikea and found some cute stools and Valentine’s crafts

– Of course we went to Sbucks, and as good as my tea was Sbucks in Langley smelt like a rotten fish – it kinda killed the moment

– Somebody said there was a football game today that was important.  I ignored them and chose not to care (I totally don’t get football and a bunch of dudes running around in pants that tight makes me giggle and roll  my eyes.  Hockey is waaaaaay better!)

Even when there are bumps in the road – tears on the ice, tears in the night, snot on your favourite shirt and exhaustion that makes thinking almost impossible, I love our weekends.  These people who are mine are great, their hugs and kisses make everything else disappear and I love them so much!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

4 thoughts on “The Weekend Highlights

  1. I tell you, just reading about your wonderful weekend makes mine feel just a good. The love you talk about just flows to my heart and warms me all over. I feel so blessed to have you as a daughter-in-law and your family as mine. John's daughter's operation was a huge success and home in 2 days. God is so amazing….. We got more snow on Sunday, 6" and it is only -5 out. We have 3 grandchildren for the week, so are very busy in the evening, they are all in school, so I get a little break during the day. It is quite an experience as I kinda forgot what it is like to have 3 little ones around. May you all have a blessed week. Love Mom Kimmie

  2. So jealous of a trip to Ikea… and a possible trip to the U S of A. So jealous. I haven't been to the States in 3 years!!!! 3 years!!! I miss target and all that Bellis Fair has to offer. Sigh. Maybe this spring we'll get to go if I can get my act in gear and get passports at least for Addison and myself. Spencer can stay at home 🙂 Haha. I hope your week goes well and that the sickness is short lived amongst everyone!

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