It’s the Bandy Legged Bubble Brained Booby Bird!

Look!  Up there, in the sky!  It’s the Bandy Legged Bubble Brained Booby Bird!

Wacky Birds from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

Oh, wait, no.  Sorry!  It’s just Corey.  And Bethany.  And Audrey.  Rockin’ out to the Doodlebops!  The girls and I often rock out to some tunes and have a dance party.  It’s a great way to kill 15 minutes with them, have them happy and laughing, keep us all active (this time of year, being that we’re couped up, I’m always trying to find ways to keep our kids moving.  We talk a lot about how exercise is important for ALL of us, and our bodies and I want them to know that includes them too.  We tell them it’s how they keep healthy for us and we keep healthy for them), and burn a lot of steam! 

Of all the tunes we rock out to, the very best is the Doodlebops soundtrack I bought off iTunes last week.  The songs have a great beat, the girls LOVE those characters and I don’t mind them so much.  We have so much fun and can’t help but end up in a giggling pile of girls. 

The other day, after supper, Bethany and Audrey were begging for some “Doodit-bops” (Audrey) and this song came on.  Corey isn’t usually home for our Dance parties and was just standing by as an observer until his Big little girl, invited him to join it.  After a quick “wings” lesson he was off.  It was sweet, and awesome, and highly entertaining.  They loved it!

He doesn’t know I have the video and that’s ok.  One day he’ll watch it and smile, when they’re too cool to dance and all he wants to do is race around the room just once more, flapping his wings like the Bandy Legged Bubble Brained Booby Bird.

3 thoughts on “It’s the Bandy Legged Bubble Brained Booby Bird!

  1. I love it!!!! Two chicks and a Rooster! 🙂 Love it!!! sooooooooooo sweet!
    Love you guys
    Love Grammy / Mom

  2. you guys are crazy, wish could be down there to have some fun with you!! =D
    Love uncle travis. 🙂
    And gramma/ Mother.

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