God’s Greatest Gifts…

Before skating, when she was happy and smiling…(as opposed to after skating, when she was miserable and bawling), Bethany was bouncing off the walls with excitement, and this grin had me feeling warm.  Who wouldn’t be excited, when a sweet little girl is smiling at you like this?

This photo is slightly blurry because this kid NEVER sits still, but it stole my breath.  Both our girls and beautiful, we know it and see it on a daily basis, but every once in a while their beauty is caught on film, a moment or a look and it catches me off guard. 

I adore both of these little girls, even in the moments of frustration, through the fights and the attitude and the toddler tantrums, I wouldn’t trade them for a second.  I have my days when they leave me feeling drained and exhausted, when I wonder how I’m ever going to see them through this phase, and then they go to bed.  I watch them sleep and the discouragement starts to fade into just exhaustion, then I look at my photos and I find these and the exhaustion slips into happy, joyful, tired but overwhelmed with love. 

God’s greatest gifts to us as well as His very greatest of challenges come in the packages of my Bethany and my Audrey.  And I absolutely adore them!

One thought on “God’s Greatest Gifts…

  1. Oh Sweetie…. your lives have two amazing little treasures in Bethany and Audrey… thank you for being a good Mom. Hugs to Corey for being a good Dad. They are my two little flowers that continue to bloom so beautifully each day. 🙂 Love you all! Grammy / Mom

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