My big girl started preschool yesterday!  That’s right, Bethany is officially school bound, and I am officially floored.

We hadn’t planned on enrolling her in preschool until September, she’s won’t be old enough for Kindergarten until 2012 so we figured that 2011 would be soon enough for Preschool.  Both for her and for me. 

However, I quickly discovered that to get into a good preschool you need to check them out early and enroll now or all the spots are filled.  So we did.

I checked out a few, and we visited one and it was abundantly clear that Bethany wanted to get going NOW!  We spoke with her teacher and they had an opening one day a week and we decided we’d let her go.  This way she can work into it, still get the additional stimulation she needs (this kid rocks.  She’s already printing letters to others, all I have to do is spell a word and help with the odd “S”.  Everything else she does on her own) and I could get used to my baby being gone.

We got up yesterday and spent the morning getting ready.  A very special Uncle fulfilled a promise and then it was time to leave.

I don’t know what I expected when I dropped her off, but I didn’t expect that she’d be so ok.  I mean, I’m thrilled that she’s independent and confident and that she felt safe there, but still, I guess I was a little disappointed that she didn’t even a shed a tear.

I however had to fight not to.  This is my baby.  Only a few years ago she was new and tiny and wailing.  She couldn’t even find her own foot let alone put on her shoes and walk out the door…Now here we are.

She had a wonderful first day and after I got over the sniffles Audrey and I enjoyed a great “date” together.  It was my silver lining, as much as it’s so hard to be without Bethany for a few hours on Mondays, it’s so wonderful to have time alone with Audrey.  To see who she is and to let her have the one on one she so deserves.

I know you can’t freeze time, I know I have to let them go, I know it goes fast.  But someone, today left me feeling like it’s only going to pick up speed and pretty soon it’s gonna feel like being trapped in the Delorean headed straight for their future and nobody’s gonna be able to put on the brakes!

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