Better than “Get Better” kisses

It was snowing outside, I felt like I’d been hit by a bus, again (that would be “The Cold” the 2.0 Version” and we were hanging out.  Corey was at work, and I’d just finished making cookies with the girls and cleaning up the hurricane wreckage slight mess that leaves behind.  Bethany was playing with Sarah and when I looked over at Audrey, she was doing this…

While I wasn’t surprised, I also wasn’t prepared to let the moment pass. 

I adore this little girl.  My newest “big girl” is sweet, and adorable and down right hilarious.  She’s funny without trying (although she does, also try) and it makes me laugh, even when I should be scolding sometimes. 

Every now and again, I get a glimpse of who she’s going to be and I can’t wait!

She spent the afternoon giving kisses, trying to make me feel better (even though she too has a cold), playing with her sister – they decided it would be an awesome idea to sneak a snack upstairs and pitch pretzels off the upper balcony of our house onto the foyer below, to see who could make them bounce higher, of course (this did NOT make me feel better).  But of all the things that she did that day, these photos and this moment was my favourite.

She truly does rock!