The things I’ve learned in 5 Years

Our second date

Corey and I got married 7 months after our first date, almost to the day.  While some speculated that it was because I was pregnant with Bethany it wasn’t (that didn’t happen until the great birth control failure of our honeymoon), it was because we knew, without a shadow of a doubt that God had put us together. 


Last year’s anniversary

Corey always says, he knew the first time he heard my voice on the phone that he was going to marry me.  I didn’t know quite that soon, but it wasn’t long after.  It was on our second date, when Corey hugged me and this overwhelming sense of comfort came over me.  Not just the regular, “Oh I needed a hug and now I’m getting one”, but more a sense of coming home.  Not the over the moon high that comes with dating someone new, but rather a sense of peace and contentment – something I used to feel when I’d drive back into Hope, going home for the weekend.

These past 5 years have seen so many memories be made, babies born and love grown.  We’ve mastered the are of pack it, move it, unpack it – lather, rinse, repeat, we’ve had our first “discussion” and we’ve grown a little older.  We have more grey hairs now (I’m talking more than the previous 2 and less than the dreaded 100. ) which we chalk up to the beautiful little girls that have joined our mix and people have gone from calling me “Miss” to “Ma’am” 

And while all of those things are wonderful, one of the things about these past 5 years that stands out to me is the lessons we’ve learned…..

– I learned that Corey will do anything to provide for his family.  He’s worked so many jobs, he works crazy long days and get’s up at 3:30am to provide for his girls, and he never complains (almost never).

– Corey’s learned that raising two little girls as their father, is nothing like helping your Mom raise your brothers when you’re no more than a teenager.  And that saying, “When Travis and Wyatt were young we didn’t…” earns you a dirty look and an exaggerated sigh from your now intensely frustrated wife.

– I’ve learned that Corey thinks Clint Eastwood rocks, and LOVES to watch old Westerns.

– Corey’s learned not to ask me to watch said westerns

– I’ve learned that even after 5 years Corey remembers to bring me flowers at random, and that he smiles just as big as he did the first time

– Corey’s learned that towels are folded in 3rds, fitted sheets can be folded neatly, and sometimes it’s better to play with the girls rather than offer to help

– I’ve learned that even if the towels and sheets aren’t folded the way I want them to be, at least he tried to help – and I should keep my trap shut

– Corey’s learned that sometimes the best of intentions can lead to hurt

– And I’ve learned that, that can go both ways

– Corey’s learned the value of speaking up when something’s on his mind

– I’ve learned to be quiet and listen (seriously, sometimes that’s hard! There’s just so many words in there fighting to COME OUT!)

– Together we’ve found what we always knew to be true.  God made us for each other.  It isn’t always going to be easy, and it isn’t always going to be fun, but if we take it back to Him in prayer, we’ll make it through.

This journey feels like it’s only just started and I can’t wait to see where it will lead!



Happy Anniversary Babe, I love you!

ps. We are going to Victoria this weekend to celebrate our Anniversary in the city that saw our Honeymoon 5 years ago.  We are so excited to have a weekend away, but let’s face it.  I’m a worrier and I’m stressing over leaving my girlies behind.  If you’re thinking of us this weekend, we’d sure appreciate your prayers.  Both for peace and for safety, that the kids have fun with Grammy and Papa and that Corey and I have fun together.  Thanks, we appreciate it!

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  1. Have so much fun! Maybe if I end up in hospital you can come see me! Love you guys! Happy Anniversary.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Have a fantastic time in Victoria! Enjoy the time away, you both deserve it!!

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