Too Many to Count

We had such a lovely weekend!  It was like being newlyweds all over again (ok, with more grey hair and more responsibility and a few more wrinkles) but let’s focus on the positive. 

Corey and I love our girls more than anything in the world and being their parents is one of our greatest joys.  But, sometimes the chance to not wipe any backside but our own, only cut the food on our individual plates and talk about more than Dora is one that we absolutely and completely enjoy.

Self portrait #1, eventually we’ll learn not to sit in front of a window and to use the flash the first time

Friday saw Corey get off work earlier than expected, which was wonderful.  I had spent the morning working out, tending children (who were still sick) and trying to finish getting my housework done.  While I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, Corey got his hair cut and then came home to surprise me and help.

After a slightly tearful (on the mommy’s side) goodbye, we were off.  We spent the night at a hotel in Delta so that we’d be close to the ferries for our morning journey to Victoria.

Now, this weekend was booked through BC Ferries Vacations and it was excellent.  They have super great hotel deals and ferry deals, you plan it all in advance (ding,ding, ding!!!!  That’s like the magic words for a Type A planner like me!) and then print out the vouchers.  All you do is hand them over at each stop and you’re good to go.  We will absolutely book more holidays this way in the future.  But because we didn’t know when Corey would be home on Friday night, we only booked one night in Victoria instead of two.  Neither of us had wanted to be driving at 8pm if it turned out to be a late night.

Anyways, it didn’t and so we stayed part way to make Saturday easier.  After watching Parent Trap, we collapsed into bed exhausted.  Sleep was fitful for me, I’m not sure if it was the fan on the heater kicking in every 45 minutes or the fact that our bed felt something like sleeping on plywood but it just wasn’t great.  Finally by about 5am I was in a good sleep, then on one of only 2 mornings I didn’t have to get up early, the TV decided at 6:58am to turn itself on – to a children’s channel.


To put it mildly I was awake!  Also, had I not been up at 5am to pee, the bed would have been wet.  Being that I’m a mom who’s used to having to get up with the kids, once I’m awake, that’s it, sleep is over.  So, since we had time before the ferry we wanted I headed down to the hotel gym.  Corey, who had the option of sleeping in begrudgingly followed and we enjoyed the first workout together in ages.  I loved it, Corey survived.

Attempt #2 – getting there

The day was great, a nice ferry ride, a great drive into Victoria and an afternoon spent walking and at the Royal BC Museum.  It was cool, on our way into the Museum two ladies stopped us and gave us tickets to get in.  They had been told they were all day tickets and decided not to use them fully so they handed them over.  I wasn’t so sure it was the right thing to do, so we waited in the über long line up and Corey handed the tickets over and told the guy what happened.  He just smiled, checked the dates and said head on in. 

Score!  Free Admission!

Dinner was had at The Japanese Village – a Tappan Steak House, where the chef cooks right in front of you.  We had dinner there 5 years ago and it was great to go back.  They were super busy but a cancellation had us getting a reservation at the last minute, we were stoked!  Then they sat us – at the same table, in the same seats as 5 years ago.  The food as always was excellent and for the first time in I don’t know how long I was able to eat a meal out.  I could see it being prepared and for someone with severe food allergies that’s heaven.  (Sidenote: Our Chef was also an amateur comedian and enjoyed chatting and teasing us all.  When he discovered it was our Anniversary, the rest of the meal was focused on us.  In an attempt to stump me he asked how many days we’d been married, when I answered 5 years, he said “No, Days!” Feeling slightly flustered I answered “Too Many!” Wait no!!! I meant, too many to count.  However, that never came out and I received my fair share of teasing and spent the rest of the night apologizing to Corey.  Who by the way, thought it was hilarious)


Sunday we actually did sleep in, Corey more than I (he ended up with a head cold), we packed up our gear and headed out to Craigdarroch Castle.  It’s a beautiful castle and if you’re ever in Victoria I strongly suggest a visit!  Such a great chance to see history and true craftmanship. 

Then it was back to the ferries for us.

I love antique sewing machines, and this one was no different

The ride sucked.  Now, Corey says it wasn’t rough.  I beg to differ, the water was splashing up the sides of the boat, and people were walking “drunk” all over.  If you’re someone with sea legs, this is nothing to you.  If you’re Corey it’s even fun.  However, if you’re me then the entire trip made you burp those pre-barf, burps and your head felt a little funny.  It sucked.

Anyways, we arrived home to sick but happy girls.  As always, they had a wonderful time with Grammy and Papa!  Then came the best part of the whole weekend, two little, fresh from the bath girls, came peelin’ around the corner shouting “Mommy! Daddy! HUG HUG HUG!”

All was right in our world.  The aching in my gut that something bad would happen faded away and we were home!