Twitter leaves me feeling like a Twit

I’m not someone who’s ever really struggled with technology.  I like progress (unlike my husband who on a regular basis complains about how technology is “destroying vehicles”) computers are neat, and the fact that I can hold this one on my lap rocks, I feel safer driving with airbags, even knowing they’re loud and messy when they go off, I’d rather have my face connect with an airbag than a steering wheel, and I am enamoured with my iPhone.  It may be the most amazing and perfect device ever created!  (After having my iPhone for about 2 hours I was all “Blackberry, shmackberry.  iPhone’s rock!”)

It may take me a small amount of time, but I quickly figure each of these tools out and in no time I’m cruising on through with no problems.  I wouldn’t say I’m ever a pro, but I get good enough to handle myself with confidence and ease.

At least that’s how it went with the iPhone (sigh), the laptop, Facebook, Blogging, photo editing, html coding, web surfing (I  know, I know for dumbies now, right?  But back when I was learning…not so much) and other technological things I totally can’t think of right now.  I’ve always been content knowing with a little time (and if I possessed it patience), some reading, research and the odd bit of trial and error, I can figure anything out.

And then along came Twitter.

It baffles me. 

I mean, I understand that your Tweets are something like a Facebook Status update, I know you only have 140 characters (which is restrictive for an ever chatter girl) and I know that you can link to stuff, but from there I’m confused. 

Reading the updates of all my friends with their #, and @ and !@#$$%^ is confusing!  Then trying to reply to someone seems bizarre and in the end I stare at my iPhone screen with drool on my chin. 


Normally I’d keep this little fact to myself and just not participate.  I’d not worry about it and I’d pretend I’m too cool for Twitter.  But I  WANT to get it.  I don’t like admitting defeat and I dislike losing to something electronic even less.  I also have a lot of opportunities happening around me that include Twitter and my participation with it.

This means I need a tutorial.  And I also need friends (on Twitter, I have friends…you know what I mean)!  I have some, I need more, more, MORE!  If you’re on Twitter, you totally need to go over and follow me (hint: check out the side bar for a link to me!) then in return I’ll follow you.  I hear that’s how that works.

So, if you’re a Twitter genius and want to leave me some pointers in the comments, I’d greatly appreciate it!  Let me in on the secret, how it works, why you love it and how can I too master the language of the Tweets!


3 thoughts on “Twitter leaves me feeling like a Twit

  1. I totally just followed you… welcome to the dark side!!! Also, I am either "WHOOO TWITTER!!!" or "Oh no… no Twitter right now please thank you…" You don't have to get it… it will come with time 🙂 Or won't… and that's OK too 🙂

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