I think it just might be…Spring!

Spring has finally begun making its appearance around here.  The days are longer, the weather is warmer and the rain is going to be here in abundance. (Side Note: If you do not know of the Fraser Valley area of BC, then you would not know that we are in rain country.  It rains in the Summer, it rains in the Fall, it rains in the winter and it rains in the Spring.  Pretty much, it rains.  While it means we all carry umbrellas, sprint to and from our vehicles and deal with a lot of mud/muck, it also means we have beautiful green grass, fresh post rain air and can fall asleep to the pitter patter sound on the roof. ) 

I don’t mind the rain, in fact when I lived in the interior I missed the rain here – especially the spring rain.  I love that you can go out without a warm jacket and not freeze your bits off, I love the post rain crisp air and I love that it leaves behind puddles for jumping in.

However, I love sunny and warm spring days way more!  We’ve had a few of those and while today’s sky had a smattering of clouds, it was still pretty nice.

The kind of nice that begs you to take an hour out of your busy schedule to hit the park.  So we did.

As our girls grow older the park is becoming more and more fun.  They can climb things by themselves (and while I still feel like I’m gonna barf worrying they’ll fall, I’m learning to suck it in and grin as I stand muscles tensed ready to catch them), pump their legs on the swings and play with the other kids.


Todays park had a wicked awesome set of 3 slides that the girls loved climbing the stairs to and racing down, as well as this neat recording machine that once you spun the crank it recorded your voice and played it back to you in a silly way and was fully gated in.  That way kids couldn’t escape, which for the people having the birthday party there, was a bonus.


The other added bonus to nice weather and park days is the joy of easy bedtimes.  We were in the city today when we hit the park so it was an hour drive home.  We packed pj’s as we always do (just in case) so before we headed home we poured the girls into them and popped in Bullfrogs and Butterflies for them to listen to.


By 7pm Bethany was asleep and Audrey joined her at 7:30pm.  Leaving us to just haul their tired, and increasingly heavy little bodies upstairs and into bed.  

It’s one of those sweet moments watching your small ones sleep knowing they had a fun day, full of fresh air and exercise.  It’s also a sweet thought to think that maybe this means you too will get to sleep, all night, without having to wake up, even once.

Well, a girl can dream can’t she?

How did you enjoy this beautiful Sunday?