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Ahhh, Bubble bath!

My iPhone happens to be the best purchase (electronically) I’ve ever made.  I love my phone, I wanted this phone for a long time and before Christmas my fabulous husband said, “Just go get it!” 

And, because my inner frugal girl (read: Cheap is too mild a term) was having a nap, I jumped in the van drove to the store and bought it.  Then she woke up.

I worried about the cost for about 30 minutes and then I started finding all the cool things the phone had to offer, and I jammed my old Blackberry in her mouth and found peace.

This phone can do EVERYTHING!  There are bazillions of apps that are free that rock, some that aren’t so much free but still rock, and others that are on there for about 4.2 seconds and then deleted, but hey win some lose some.  Added bonus, changing over to this phone also saves us $70 a month on our phone bill!

Anyways, I was thinking today as I was making love eyes with my favourite apps that I should totally pay it forward.  So for the next few weeks I’m gonna share a few of my favourite apps one at a time – for many reasons.

The first is because just like I talk a lot, I write a lot and if I were to do them all at once you’d be here for a month.  Second, there are a lot of favourites, and I’m betting there will be more.  And third, let’s spread it out for the nights when I’m having writers block. 

First up Instagram

I love this app, I can take photos and apply different finishes.  Then I can post them to Facebook or Twitter or just on Instagram.  I love that I can follow friends and family and I can control who follows me.

Mostly I love that it gives us a chance to share a little bit of our day with those that love us.  And I can peek into the days of those whom we love back!  In fact, because of Instagram we were able to see the beautiful face of a sweet babe that we’ve yet to meet (but are going slightly stir crazy to cuddle!) moments after his birth.  A 2 hour drive and Ferry didn’t stand in the way of his proud parents sharing with the world his birth.

That plain rocks!

The other awesome part?  It’s free!  I didn’t have to pay for it, I didn’t have to do anything other than download and love it.

So I did and I do.  If you have an iPhone you should get it.  If you don’t then you should get one and get it!

What about you?  Do you have a favourite iPhone Photo App?  Do share!  I want to know!


*Photos all taken with the infamous and fabulous Instagram

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  1. Getting slightly jealous of all of you fine folk out there with iphones… I think I would be a blackberry girl mainly because that's what my company uses so I was always up on the latest and greatest of those… but Spencer he wants an iphone… and who knows… one day when there is some money for it… maybe he'll get one! Haha. Until then… no way! Hmmm although that would make a pretty awesome grad gift…

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