So, what’s the deal with Audrey?

Please note, due to the nature of my exhaustion tonight I did not proof read.  If you find grammar, or spelling errors please correct them in your head.  I don’t want to hear about it.

It was a feeling that was all too familiar.  I picked Audrey up from her nap on Thursday morning and as I felt the dry heat of her skin against my arm, my stomach plummeted.    The last time I felt my baby girl this hot was October 2009 when she wound up with a serious bladder/kidney infection.

Sure enough a thermometer confirmed what I already knew, 103.  Hot!  We decided to give her Tylenol and Advil and wait 24 hours.  She hadn’t been complaining when she peed and there were colds going around town.

A fitful night, of waking with horrific sobs and then falling back to sleep had me convinced it was once again her bladder and Friday morning we were at the doctors (with urine sample in hand.  I keep vials on hand just in case.  If  you have small children, ask your doctor for a few, learn how to collect a midstream and save both you and your child the trauma of having to try to get one in the office.  Come prepared)

It was a UTI, the worst we’d seen yet but he figured I had caught it soon enough.  So onto antibiotics she went and we were homeward bound.  She spent most of Friday curled up on the couch with either Grammy or I, drinking teeny bits but mostly feeling awful.

Saturday saw  much of the same, she got up and drank a ton of milk, but also managed to vomit it right back all over her poor Daddy.  The fever and the milk so quick didn’t agree with her tummy.  Sunday morning rolled around and we thought things might be looking up.  Her fever had been down for about 8 hours no meds and I thought, “Hey we are winning”


Again, we picked her up from her nap and she was roasting.  In a matter of an hour her fever spiked up and was at 104 and she was lethargic.  The pediatrician had warned me a year ago not to let the fevers go, so we made a few phone calls, packed a few just in case bags and were en route to Abbotsford Emergency.

(I have a lot to say tonight so I’m going to skip the fluffy stuff but remind me again to rave about the fantastic facility that is this hospital)

Again prepared with a urine, they dipped it and found what we already knew.  Bladder infection, a report was pulled from Friday’s grow culture and they found that the infection wasn’t sensitive to the meds we’d been put on.

I had given Audrey some Tylenol before we left so her temperature was normal and for the time being they were content with putting in an IV and HEP lock to send us home on an outpatient IV meds basis.  The doctor just wanted to do a blood culture to make sure  nothing else was going on and to see if maybe things were heading towards her kidneys.  No big deal he said.

That’s when it all started too spiral out of control.

We’d already been in the ER for hours by that point, and ended up waiting almost another 4 before someone came back with the results of the blood work.

She was severely anemic, down 2 pints, he said.  We talked about the fact that she’s my super great eater and how it probably wasn’t a dietary thing, “I think she might be bleeding from her kidneys.   You can’t go home, we need to admit you and leave you in the hands of the pediatrician tomorrow.  K bye”


He left and we sat there waiting to get sent up stairs, feeling under informed, scared and exhausted.  And, in the time it took them to get us a room, and a porter (a little over an hour) Audrey’s temperature started to rise and jack knifed to 104 again!

We finally got upstairs and were settled by 1am.  The nurse reassured me some that she didn’t really think that it could be her kidneys but we needed to talk to her pediatrician.

Audrey slept ok through the night, me not so  much.  I was awake often to check on her and to pray.  Fears and past ER episodes kept flashing into my mind and I needed peace, real, God carrying peace.

This morning I was once again left to wait.  Her pediatrician didn’t show up at normal rounds and with each ticking second my fears grew. A resident stopped by, sat down and spent a good deal of time doing his  best to soothe my fears.  I still needed to see her.

Then in came her doctor.  Now for the record, we have the best pediatrician in the Fraser Valley.  That isn’t based on some fancy shmancy award but more on wonderful care and experience.  I trust this woman literally with the lives of my children.

She said hello, she smiled at my sweet girl and she got down to business.  This isn’t good.  We knew that.  This is way too many infections (5, one of the tests from February that I thought was positive was negative, UTI’s in 14 months), this one is bad and the anemia is very concerning.

The blood work isn’t conclusive yet.  We don’t know the cause of the anemia, nor the UTI’s and those need to be found.  It doesn’t look like the anemia is dietary, not based on what we feed her or on the way her cells look.

Could it be internal bleeding? Possibly, but not likely, we’d be seeing that blood somewhere.

Other causes, too many to name and we are going to start  by narrowing them down.  We are also set for another ultrasound tomorrow (Tuesday) to see what her kidneys are up to.

In the meantime, we are here.  We are admitted, Audrey goes hours upon hours with no fever and then WAM in a matter of 15 minutes she is sky rocket high.  (Thanks to an amazingly fabulous nurse tonight, we caught one on the rise at 102 before it could get any higher.  Thanks JOYCE!)  She needs a few more days of the antibiotic IV and also some answers.  There  needs to be a solid 24 hour period of no fever before they’ll even talk of sending us home, and to be honest I’m not leaving till we know something.

If none of the tests prove helpful they may refer us out to a ureologist at Children’s Hospital.  I don’t think that would be as an in-patient but at this point I don’t know.

It’s kind of one step at a time for right now.

She’s being so good.  Audrey has been brave through all the poking and prodding and needles.  She tries to smile and be happy, but tires out so quickly.  We are proud of our little trooper!  And her big sister is doing great.  Bethany is hanging with her Grammy and Papa and has phoned a few times, sent flowers and a texted (so weird that my 4 year old knows what a text is).  I’m so very proud of both our good girlies.

Thank you all for the prayers and emails, Facebook messages and Tweets!!  They are felt and appreciated and help this momma survive the days.

Please keep praying and I will keep everyone  updated as best I can.  Both here and more frequently on Facebook and Twitter.

Even in all this we are so blessed to know that God is good.  My baby girl is here beside me, my other  baby girl is safe and asleep, my husband has a great boss and is home resting for work tomorrow and I  feel the love of our friends and family so strong!


7 thoughts on “So, what’s the deal with Audrey?

  1. Oh Ashley, this is just plain exhausting and my heart is breaking for all of you! Hang in there, the ultrasound has to give some answers.

    Praying for exactly that and that Audrey's fever stays away!

  2. Audrey,

    I hope youre feeling much better very very soon… And i hope they find whats wrong and can help with it so you never have to go through this again.. We send you our love and are thinking about you lots.

    Ashley, if there is anything we can do from way up here let us know. I know personaly how hard a sick baby can be…and i feel for you. Needles and the unknown is very scarey, but have hope that with you being such an amazing parent and catching things so very quickly that you have helped her in so many ways. She is so very lucky to have you as her mommy…

    All our love


  3. Ashley,

    Thank you for the update, it is comforting to be able to know what is going on, being so far away. Thank you Grammy & Pappa for being always there when in need. Our prayers are constants for peace and healing for Audrey and all family members. I know our heavenly Father's arms are surrounding you in all that you are going through. Keep the faith and be comforted in His love. If there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to ask. God bless and keep you all.

    Love John/Grandpa & Mom/Grandma Kimmie

  4. Oh Ashley this sounds miserable but you seem to have a good handle on it. Praying for some answers, for rest and peace for you and wisdom for the Dr.s, and a calm and cheerful spirit in sweet Audrey. 🙂

  5. Ashley, I can only imagine the emotional highs and lows you must be experiencing. Our prayer for you all today is for some real, concrete answers so you will be able to move ahead with treatment. We also pray for the peace and grace of our Father to surround you all. May you be so aware that this, that your baby girl, is not out of His hands. May you feel His love ever present. Love you all. Call us anytime if you need to.

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