Laughter’s the Best Medicine – The 4 Year Old Version

Here’s yet another reason our lives are full of laughter and fun, on a daily, if not hourly basis (If you’re a Facebook Friend or follow us on Twitter you may have already seen some of these.  If you aren’t why the heck not?  Check out the buttons on the side bar to fix that)…

– During our nightly “Thank You Jesus/Prayer Time” Bethany decided to pray and thank Jesus for almost every body part, right down too her “Eyebrowns and one day giant boobs”  Maybe that’s where I went wrong…I didn’t ask enough when I was 4

– “I’m going to be 6 on my next 3rd birthday”

– The other morning Audrey was begging me to watch Coo Coo’s.  I spent an hour trying desperately to figure out what the heck Coo Coo’s were (turns out it was Blue’s Clues, duh Mom) and was at the end of my rope.  That’s when Bethany decided to inform me that, “Coo Coo’s are talking nuts.  They talk but they don’t, that’s why they’re good for kids to watch

“When I was a kid and I lived in a castle and I saw a dragon, who was getting sleepy I sang him a Lullaby like this ♪ “You are my suuuuunshine…”

– Bethany: “Today I’m going to get two new babies”  Me: “Where are you going to get those babies?” B: “The same place you got Audrey, Moooom” (while rolling her eyes) Me: “They won’t just give you babies honey” Me: “Then you can do it, just go in and get those babies, it’s not hard.” Um, yes.  It is.

– I was cleaning the bathroom the other day and Bethany was watching.  I told her that one day when she grew up I’d teach her how to clean a bathroom properly (because it drives me mental when people don’t) so she could clean her own bathroom….“When I get those babies, and they grow up, they can clean the bathroom so I don’t have to learn.  That’s why I want babies anyways, so they can clean my house”  Wait till she finds out what really happens…

“Can we have a camel for a pet?  It’s not like he’s that hard to take care of.  You could grow grass and feed him and then he’ll drink from the hose”

“‘Cause I pooped do I get a gummy worm?  When you poop you get gummy worms, it’s like a treat for doing that.  Except when you’re you, then you just get poop”

Also, one of my newest Audrey favourties….

– After I had finished a seriously tough workout, I sat down, completely drenched in sweat.  Audrey came up for a kiss, leaned down and announced, “Mommy!!!  You have exercise on you!”

I know I’m forgetting some.  I know that there are dozens and dozens of things they say on a daily basis that make me roll with laughter, that I somehow manage to forget to Tweet or write down.  But that’s ok, because sometimes it’s not about the remembering, it’s about being in the moment.  And with these girls we are always, in the moment.

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  1. This is why we blog!

    Because when they are 6 and 9, you will pull this out and laugh your butts off on a Saturday night remembering when!

    Too much fun!

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