April’s Top 5 – “I don’t get it” Moments

These worms were found at my parents house and placed one by one on the shovel by our children.  See point #2

5. Audrina – Doing a spin off show from the last lame season of the Hills isn’t something I’d be proud of.  It has all the makings of a train wreck, something like Matt LeBlanc’s Friends spin off.  What? Didn’t catch that? That’s something to be grateful for.

4.  Caramilk Bars – Seriously how DO they get that caramelly goodness in there?

3.  Mood swings…I wasn’t ever thrilled when they were mine (Sidenote to Men: No we can’t help them, no it’s not always because we have our periods and Yes, sometimes it seriously is you), but I am even less impressed with them now that I have two daughters who have them.  I thought I had at least until puberty.  Apparently I was wrong.

2. Kids and worms.  I go out of my way to avoid the squiggly, slimy things.  I also go out of my way to avoid gardening but we’re not talking about that.  Our girls however, do everything in their power to find a “wormie” (or 200 see above photos) and pick them up.  They are abundantly gentle, and always “tuck him in” to his dirt bed, but seriously the whole touching them thing makes me want to hurl.  Blech!

1. SNOW IN APRIL! – It’s like some rouge Angel got into heaven’s weather station and started randomly pushing buttons or something.  I can just see it, he’s sporting a Faux Hawk, vibrating with the excitement of a kid running on a sugar high, giggling “BC?  Ok!  Snow, oh how about rain?  Wait that sunshine button is flashing!  More snow, Ok! Hail, down with that.  WAIT!  I forgot the tunes – Thunder and Lightning, here we come….♪I wanna rock and roll all night….

Someone needs to repurpose that angel in the heavenly dump or something, were he can’t cause any more damage.

What’s leaving you with a dumb look and drool on your chin this week?

One thought on “April’s Top 5 – “I don’t get it” Moments

  1. You sure you want to hear this from me? lol

    5. I don't understand why during the day the trains go so slow and hold up traffic so long yet at night they fly like they "got them some wings". (Yes I know, they are supposed to go slower to make it safer. I think they do it just to piddle on my cornflakes!)

    4. I don't understand why people in what they believe to be big places make decisions that hurt people who pay for them to be in big places.

    3. I don't understand why those same big people in big places have forgotten what it is like to be a kid playing the same game they played and loved and worked hard to play. How could they turn the game from Hockey to M$$key.

    2. I don't understand why so many people have been taken advantage of…why they would continue selling us the fans shirts, hats and want to push to sell tickets when they were going to leave anyways.

    1. And this is the big one. I don't understand why the WHL came in to Chilliwack if they had plans to move anyways. Or did they. Or was it Burke's fault…or Keith's fault.. or Rudolph the Red Nose Reigndeers fault? The mud slinging continues and my heart is sad. Even my little flowers are sad that their Bruins are leaving. Bethany told me she will miss Bruiser. Audrey said "Go Bruins Go going away".

    Told ya you might not want to hear what has driven me crazy and continues to drive me nuts and do more than drool!!!!


    Your quiet, not outspoken, gentle Mother.

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