Easter – The Chillaxin’ Version

First – Happy Easter, Everyone!  He is Risen!

We took Easter morning pretty easy this year.  We weren’t planning on going to church this week, Audrey just wasn’t up for it, so we knew we could just enjoy the slow pace of the morning.  It seems like slower pace is becoming a weekend norm for us, and I’m kind of starting to like it.

Best bubble containers, ever!  Thanks Easter Mommy and Daddy.

The last few days warm sunshine has graced our mornings and we’ve been lapping it up. (More photos/posts to come)  This morning was no different.  It was Daddy’s turn to sleep in, so after the girls opened their Easter gifts, we put on shoes and jackets over our pjs and headed for the backyard. 

“I always wanted to swing in my pajamas!” (Also, I love her bed head)

Sidenote: Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this house and our yard?  I do.

Eventually Daddy got his butt hauled out of bed to join us for tea and sunshine.  It took a bit of convincing to get Corey to see it was such a great way to start the morning….

“Come on Hon, you couldn’t stay in bed all morning.  Look how beautiful it is out here!” – “Ugh”

But I made you tea! It’s warm and the girls are having so much fun.” – “Mmhmm”

“Would it help if I flashed you? What?  Why are you laughing?”

We spent time together today, with each other, with my parents for a while and just chillaxin’.  We talked about Jesus, and that He died to save us from our sins, and that he rose again so we could have eternal salvation and Hope!  We even decorated eggs and road bikes.

The fun, and the “I’m done”

 It was pretty relaxed, tomorrow is our big dinner with our family, but today was good.  And just like some many days these past few weeks, it was exactly what we needed.

What about you?  How was your day?

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