I want a dog

Growing up we almost always had a dog.  There was a period of time in my teenage years, about 6 months I believe where we were in between dogs, but other than that, there was always a “mutt” running around.

Barney as a puppy

Barney (an off white cockapoo with spunk and short legs) and Samson (a beautiful Golden retriever) did so much more than just chase their tails.  Having those guys taught my brother and I responsibility (and how to fling dog poo at like 25 km an hour across the yard at a tree, with a shovel), and how to pass the responsibility “I scooped poo yesterday, it’s her/his turn!”, they gave us reason to exercise – “Come on Sam, faster!  These roller blades won’t move themselves” and they were companions.  More than once, did I shed a tear into Sam’s soft coat as I cried over this life’s drama or that highschool insanity.  They were great and I so wish we had a dog for our girls.

However, at this point in life it doesn’t work for us to have a dog.  As much as I want and want to have a dog, and I pout and bat my own version of puppy eyes at Corey, the circumstances aren’t going to change.

Baby Samson

But, me being the impatient and list making girl that I am can’t seem to let it go.  So, I spend my days (or at least an hour or so once a month) making lists in my head on why we “should/shouldn’t” get a dog.  You know, just so I’m prepared when it comes time to seriously plead my case in the court of Corey Stone.

It goes something like this…

Reason’s to have a dog:

– They teach children responsibility (see above points)

– They bark – thus scaring off those people who are peddling their product/religion/NDP (seriously dude comes to the door to “sell” me on the NDP, rings the bell, looks through the window sees me in my sweats covered in flour and shoves the paper through the door and takes off.   A dog would have saved me the embarrassment) or those who would like to robb us and don’t yet know we have killer alarm system, complete with lights and sirens

– They are soft and cuddly and lick your face.  This is both a plus and a minus

– You always have a buddy when you’re out for a walk. Again providing protection in the form of barking and keister biting

– Seriously, most dogs are cute, especially the ones I want and who doesn’t want something cute

– They sleep on the foot of the bed when Corey’s not home providing comfort and warmth\

Reason’s Not to get a dog:

– They bark at a fly in the window, the girl down the street or a shadow.  This takes years of training to rectify and still quite often it never totally stops

– They drool/shed on everything.  If you don’t have dog drool on your pants (which helps to complete the kid drool on your shirt) you have dog hair on your butt.  And while some cultures find a hairy rear end sexy I find it disgusting

– Poop.  You have to clean it up out of your back yard, pick it up in a plastic baggie when you’re out for a walk and at some point you WILL be scraping it off a shoe, whether yours or that of your child.

– Barf.  Every dog I know has barfed somewhere disgusting, living room, vehicle, kid’s bed…I have enough barf to deal with, without adding one that may contain random, uneatable items

– They die.  Sorry to say it, but every pet eventually meets our maker and that is hard.  You love them, you care for them, you protect them and then you say goodbye.  I don’t want to do it, I don’t like to cry and I HATE to see my children cry

– They chew stuff.  Samson ate the crossbars out of our dining room chairs when I was a kid.  Didn’t just chew ’em ate the whole stinkin’ thing.  My dad wasn’t exactly thrilled with him.  And Barney ate crayons, thus leaving us rainbow poop all over the back lawn. 

– They’re blasted expensive.  Dog food, toys, treats, leashes, groomers, blah, blah, blah fall under the “I’d rather save for a trip to Hawaii” category for now.  That and my children need necessities like clothes, food and the odd toy.

– We’re gone half the time.  Between work for both Corey and I, school for Bethany, errands and a social life we spend more time out of our house rather than in it.  And since I’m rather fond of a clean(ish) van I wouldn’t want to haul a dog around in it.  So then the poor guy would be home alone and that’s just simply not fair.

One day we’ll have a dog.  One day I’ll have a walking partner, our girls will have a play companion and Corey will learn that dogs are way better than cats (*shudder* cats).  But for now, I’ll console myself with the lists above.  I mean really, when you have two small children, who needs any more poop?

3 thoughts on “I want a dog

  1. Dont let doggie cost scare you out of getting a new family member. I have learned a few things on how to reduce doggie costs/hassles :

    1- I bake my own doggie cookies

    2- I get bones when its hunting season for cheap and freeze them

    3- my dog likes to chew, when we go for a walk I let her bring home a stick to chew up in the yard, cuts down on the chew toys and the woodchips eventually disappear.

    4 – I bought a pair of good clippers and clip her nails on my own..its not as bad as you think

    5- my dog is shorthair, meaning she never sheds and rarely needs a brush or a bath

    6 – If you can knit or crochet or know someone who does you can make your own doggie clothes ( if thats your thing..my dog just has a jacket for snowy walks ) .

    7- The smaller the dog…the less they eat.

    8- My dog loves ice cubes, she thinks they are a treat ,gives her something to chew, and they keep her cool in the summer, if you want to flavor them use oxo, or broth , it takes them a while to get used to them.Once they are used to them plain cubes are fine.

    9 – If I'm running late or cant get home to take the dog out my best friend/ neighbor has a key and doesnt mind coming over for 10 mins so Cali can go out and do her business, if you can find someone willing to it saves your floors and saves you money wether its cleaning supplies or doggie daycare/dogwalker.

    10-If I need to buy something new I compare prices/buy on sale. If I can get away with it I look in the classifieds/garage sales for things , there's always a bargain and dog stuff is plentiful.

    Just a few ideas for when you get your new family member 🙂

  2. Corey does not like dogs……..but he loves cats………(kittens)….. try that addition first….and then…..slide a doggie into the scenario…….good luck…….

    I agree, animals are very important and teach our kids so so much ab0ut responsibility and love and loss………as sad as the later is …it is life and a very important lesson … it teaches how fleeting and fagile time is….

    I hope you don't wait too long to add this special kind of love to your great family…

    For every pile of poop removed, there were ten giggle moments of pure joy and entertainment…..

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