Little Girls…

” Little Girls…

grab you by the heart and cause you to fall madly in love with them.

They have a special twinkle in their eyes that makes you want to give them the world.  They are princesses and we are their devoted servants.

With a smile that can light up the darkest night they sing their way into your heart with kisses and hugs and laughter and tears.

Little girls are precious gifts that provide our lives with sunshine and a fistful of dandelions.

Little girls are one of God’s most precious masterpieces.

Written by Patsy Gaut.

Sometimes I think the daily grind of parenting makes me forget all the wonderful things our little girls are.  Between being sick, having attitudes (and PMS why didn’t anyone warn me about 4 year old PMS?!!), fighting and refusing to eat dinner, laughter and games, and arguments it’s really easy to forget the great things that they are. 

So, when I read this poem I had to share it!  Because who doesn’t need reminding of the sweeter things in life, now and again?

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