The Courtesy Wave! Is it a do or a don’t?

I ♥ these two photos of my girls.  I see such a similarity between the two.  Audrey on the left, Bethy on the right 

I’m a big fan of the courtesy wave, both giving and getting.  It’s such a simple gesture, but so often I think it’s the difference between road rage and whatever the opposite of that is (I tried for like 5 minutes to think of a catch opposite – all I got was blank).

So many times in traffic, we’re in a hurry.  At least I am, get to work, get home from work, go to Starbucks, stop and get mail, don’t forget groceries, kids?  Where are the kids? Get out of the van, get into the van, hurry up we’re late for school/church/work/Starbucks. Let’s go, come on, hurry up, it’s not 30km an hour, drive faster, move over. Wait dude, I’m going as fast as is safe (some call it the speed limit), trying to push me with your bumper isn’t going to help, slow down, BACK UP OR MY VAN WILL FART ON YOUR UGLY FORD!

Or something like that….

So when someone slows down to let you in as you merge onto the already busy highway, or stops a couple car lengths back so you can get out of the driveway (of Starbucks) instead of waiting for the 45 thousand cars behind him, you do the polite thing and *Wave*

It doesn’t cost you anything, you don’t have to even talk to a stranger.  However, said stranger, who’s day is probably equally as crazy as yours is, now feels appreciated.  They did something nice and in driver sign-language said “thanks!”  You not only did the polite thing, you set a good example for the little people strapped into car seats in the back of your van (“Mommy, why did you wave at that lady?” “Because she did something nice and let me have a turn” silence “Like, manners?” Exactly like manners) they may feel appreciated rather than annoyed at you.

For me, I love receiving the courtesy wave too.  I do my very best when I’m driving to be courteous.  I mean, it only takes a second to let someone in or to move over and it may save an accident for both the person who needs the courtesy, and for me.  But sometimes I do it only because I feel like I have to.  Not because I want to. 

Yes, that’s right sometimes I’m polite only because I was raised right, not because my heart’s in the right place.  And in those moments the courtesy wave can be what makes the difference between me thinking “You gigantic jerk, I let you in and this is what I get, exhaust and no thanks! resenting my decision and me thinking “Gee you’re a nice blue haired lady, You’re welcome!”, then my day is all birds singing and sun shining.  Not really, but you get the drift.

What about you do you do the wave?  Or are you thinking – “Courtesy wave?  What the?  How did I miss that?  You mean that hot guy I let in last week wasn’t hitting on me?  Does that mean it’s weird I followed him to Starbucks?  Ohhhhh.”  What about getting it, does it make a difference to you?

3 thoughts on “The Courtesy Wave! Is it a do or a don’t?

  1. I do the courtesy wave and every time I do (EVERY TIME), my kids ask, "Who is that?" They think I must know the person for me to wave at them, and I just explain that it's a way of saying Thank You or Your Welcome. 🙂
    Angella recently posted..Powerless

  2. HUGE fan of this too! I am a big believer in what goes around comes around. I may have learned a lot about courteous driving from my husband. Shhhh. At least I learned.

    Kami recently posted..Its Been 12 Long Years

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