Google Did something Cool – NEXT!

When I first began wandering this vast world of the Blog-o-sphere, I was totally overwhelmed with the number of blogs a person could read.  With every click of my mouse I could be on another site, sneaking a peek at another family, busy law student or budding business.  There where so many to choose from, I had no idea where to start.

I mean, of course there was Amanda over at Kickyboots, and Angella (two “LL” and don’t let her catch you forgetting it!) from Dutch Blitz, as well as a smattering of other friends from back home (who no longer blog, and I frown on it! Hard to snoop 4 hours away without the internet), but that’s about where it ended. 

I kept looking for more, because of course I ‘m nosy I wanted to support other bloggers.  The thing is, while there are tons of great writers out there, good stories and funny photos (Check out Cake Wrecks) there is also, copious amounts of garbage!  People who write about things I find offensive, people who post photos of things I find offensive and seriously, some people who I’m pretty sure only write when they’re totally and completely drunk.  It left me with a pickle.

How was I ever going to find the good from the bad?  What was I going to do?

I went through the blog rolls of my more blog experienced buddies and followed the links.  I also, followed links in comments, or mentions in posts and little by little, my favourites were found.  I still do that from time to time, and a new blog, a new family, a new story is added to my days.

Thus came the discovery of Jen from Hey! Mrs. Wilson (lady just had a baby.  He’s freakin’ cute!), Ree from The Pioneer Woman (do you cook?  Wish you could cook? Pretend with your daughter’s easy bake oven?  Read her, she’ll help.  Buy her cookbook, your husband will do nice things for a week after one of those meals), Heather from Dooce (it IS possible to laugh until you almost pee, read her you’ll see), and Sarah aka Whoorl (lady rocks the hair do’s, is fashionably blessed (sidenote: where I’m fashionably challenged), more cute kids here and she’s always linking to some awesome thing or another).

Enter the newest thing Whoorl shared

Google Reader’s Next Button!

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet, all the deets are to be found if you follow the above link.

It is revolutionizing the blog reading business again. 

I’ve shared about feed readers before, they benefits of having everyone all together in one place to see who’s talking and who’s not.  And while these readers are crucial for those of us who haunt the blog world on a daily basis, they can also really hurt those who write.

You see, we love to know you’ve been here and we breath to read your comments!  But since most feed readers show the whole post in their preview box, we never see a hit and often, it’s easier to go onto the next story, rather than click the link and follow it to comment – thus we’re left feeling all lonely and rejected, completely unaware you were even here!

Sad thing is, I know this and I’m just as guilty!

Then Google goes and creates this button (because who doesn’t love a button? They’re EASY!) that allows you to still flip through your favourite blogs, by actually visiting them, still leave a comment and then move on to the next one.  You still only see the new (unread by you) posts, but this way you’re actually there to say “HI!”

I’m in LOVE!!  It works wonders and if you’re reading this then, you have a browser window, so you can totally have a “Next” button too!

Sooooo, follow the link, get the instructions, you’ll be so glad you did!