Field Trips, Frogs and Family, oh my!

Friday we had our very first field trip, ever! 

When Bethany brought the notice home from school a couple of weeks ago, it caught me off guard.  Not because we were going anywhere undesirable, or because it was a bad thing, but the whole school thing all of a sudden felt real!

Field trips are going to lead to concerts and band trips, and parent teacher interviews and prom and graduation and I’M NOT READY FOR HER TO LEAVE HOME YET!

Aaaaand, breath!

We marked it on the calendar, we wrote it on the family whiteboard and if you were Bethany (and Audrey who got to come along) the sleeps were counted down.  Finally Friday came, we packed our backpack and we were off “Like a Shirty Dirty, I mean a Dirty Shirt” (that’s what my Grandpa always says)

We went to the Cheam Wetlands, just outside of Chilliwack and had so much fun!

One of the great things about living in this part of BC is we are close enough to the city to visit Ikea, have Starbucks and drive to Vancouver and back in a day.  But we are also far enough away that we can take a 10 minute drive and be surrounded by lush bushes, bird habitats and nature at its greatest!

The guides that took us through did a great job of showing the 20 über excited kids little pieces of nature – snails that grow flat shells so they can fit under rocks, frogs, beaver dams and otter poop.  I don’t think there was a kid there who wasn’t thrilled to be outside and exploring!

Bethany, who absolutely adores her teachers, couldn’t get enough information!  She wanted to see more, find more and hear more.  And while I was there for guidance and to watch over her (parents were responsible for their own children at this event), it was really need to see who she’s becoming when I’m not around.  Talking to other kids, interacting with her teachers and just generally being the awesome kid that she is.

And as the trip came to a close you could see both girls starting to get sad.  They’d had such a great time, it didn’t feel “fair” to have to go home, so I made them a promise.  If the weather was nice on Saturday we’d take Daddy back for a visit, it wasn’t a for sure, since the weather forecast was for rain, but we’d see.

Thankfully, the weatherman was wrong (shocker!) and the day turned out ok.  It wasn’t super sunny, but it was warm enough to not have a coat, and the clouds made it good weather for a hike.  Corey worked Saturday morning, and then I hit the gym (exercise without children is bliss, for everyone), then picked up my family and we were off!

This park is beautiful, and quiet and just the kind of place we love to visit.  The afternoon was spent, exploring, hiking up and down the hills, just enjoying being outside and together.  We finished it off with a trip to the diary for ice cream and then it was home time.

The kids were tired (and so were the Mommy and Daddy) but they were happy.  We’d had a great day and thanks to Bethany’s first field trip (breath) we had a new adventure!

4 thoughts on “Field Trips, Frogs and Family, oh my!

  1. These pictures are great!

    I love my daughter's fieldtrips and go on every one I can and bring my pre-schooler with me whenever I can! Learning can be so much fun…

  2. This is great Honey. So glad you had a great time and for sure you can see that the whole family enjoyed the time together. Love ya!

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