Audrey Update – Results are in!

I spoke with Audrey’s Pediatrician today, and here’s the skinny on the blood test results.

– Audrey’s Hemoglobin is up to 101.  Which is great.  That means it’s on the rise.  It’s still not good, her hemoglobin should be at minimum 115 and at best 135 – which means she’s still anemic.  But at least it’s very slowly creeping up, that’s good!  We’re moving away from the “severely anemic” header into just anemic! 

– Her iron is at a great level which it always was, but this was good to see.  And this is without supplements (which caused ridiculous constipation issues).  Again – Good!

– Her Retics – Reticulocytes (New Red Blood Cell) number is still very, VERY low.  It should at bare minimum be 40 and can range all the way up 150.  She’s 21 right now.  This number should normally be on the high end when someone is anemic or has lost a lot of blood because their body is trying to catch up and make more hemoglobin.  For Audrey, this isn’t the case.

– The rest of her blood work looked good, which was good to hear! 

Dr. H is happy with the results.  Not thrilled, because that retics should still be higher and her bone marrow should be functioning at a better level, but at least her hemoglobin is rising!!!  That means that something is working, and we’re grateful for that – way to go Audrey’s body!  All the labs have to be repeated in 2 months at our next appointment, to make sure that things are still looking up.  Unless something needs attention sooner, we don’t have to see a doctor or have a “poke” for 2 whole months!  Yay!!!

However, we still  need to proceed with the caution I mentioned the other day.  Taking risks we think are necessary and none that we don’t.  If anything seems off, fevers show up, etc we need to get her checked ASAP, and we still need to keep her away from people who are sick.  That being said, we can’t lock her in the house forever.  We can take her out, and we can visit with people as long as we know they aren’t currently sick and we don’t take any risks that we feel are unnecessary.

It was good to hear from her today.  We are still concerned about our sweet girl, and this is still hard because we do have to be cautious, we do have to limit who we see etc.  But we’re so grateful that there are good things happening!  We had the choice today to look at it and focus on the fact that there are still areas that they are concerned with, or we could see the victory of some numbers rising. 

We choose to celebrate! 

We’ll keep praying, being careful and loving both our beautiful girls and we’ll be thankful for the fact that blue skies are on their way!

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  1. We are celebrating that Audrey’s test has improved and we are celebrating the life and spunk that is in her eyes. The color that is now in her lips and cheeks. And the little tude she displays when she gentle pokes her tongue out hahaha … so timid and cute. Celebrating the sweet little Rosebud she is. Love always… Grammy

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