This weekend (while on a trip to Summerland that didn’t go at all like we’d planned it to) Corey and I took Bethany and Audrey to one of my favourite places ever.  Yes, I know just being in the Okanagan puts me into said favourite place, but this is an actual destination, one that is entertaining, sticky, sweet and full of wonder.

Tickleberry’s Ice Cream Shop!

Bethany and Audrey (and Corey) couldn’t have been more excited to have an ice cream cone on a warm Saturday afternoon.  And I couldn’t have been happier to take 400 photos watch them lick, slurp and enjoy! 

I also got the chance to meander through the gift shop and take peaks at all sorts of wonderful gifts!

If you’re ever in Okanagan Falls (10 minutes outside of Penticton) you HAVE TO STOP!  They have 72 kinds of ice cream, and the cones are epically large!  And if you don’t stop because I said so, do it because of this…