Gross me Green Grammy*

It was the middle of the night last Monday, I’m fast asleep in my bed when I hear a wail come from Audrey’s room.  And, as I’m on my way down the hall, I hear an all too familiar cough/gag, turning my somewhat slow meander (read: I pretty much could have been walking backwards) down the hall into a full tilt run.  Every mother knows, that once the cough/gag has occurred you’ve got meer seconds to get a receptical under your child before all chaos explodes out of their mouth.  We got as far as the bathroom sink before said chaos ensued.

Audrey spent the remainder of the night in my arms, on the couch and then in my bed, tossing and turning, moaning and groaning.  Finally she relaxed and fell into a deep sleep.  I however watched over her and worried, wondering what this could mean for her immune system and her body.  Eventually I fell asleep trusting God was in control and that only time would tell.

Morning saw Bethany come in to snuggle and Audrey stay fast asleep, sleeping well into the morning.  When she finally did wake she was starving, scarfed down a bowl of Rice Krispies and was ready to rock and roll.  The rest of the day went well and I thought, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad maybe it wasn’t the Summerland Stomach Flu, maybe it was just something she ate…”

Then night came and again, I was fast asleep when all of a sudden poke, poke there was Bethany – “I have a tummy ache Mommy”  You know what that means, for the second time in two nights I was holding a little girl’s hair back as the contents of her little tummy emptied into the “pookies bucket”.  As I washed her little face I prayed once again that it be as short-lived as her little sisters and the morning would bring relief.  A few hours of a little girl’s restless sleep proved that wasn’t the case and poor Bethany’s body refused to keep anything in.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent on the couch for Beth.  She was throwing up, her tummy hurt and food wasn’t something she was interested in.  We did our best to make her comfy, watched a lot of movies (♪Backpack, Backpack….♪) and snuggled.  She did her very best to be brave and just kept saying her tummy hurt.

By Thursday I thought we were on the uphill climb, she seemed better and so we went off to work.  She still wouldn’t eat much, if almost anything and complained of her tummy but I attributed it to her tummy bug (we were sure it wasn’t appendix, after both Corey and I having ours removed it was my first thought) and the diarrhea that seemed to follow. 

She still wasn’t sleeping at night and each night I spent curled up in a ball on her bed as she whimpered and thrashed around.  As day and breakfast came, she kept saying it hurt her tummy to eat.  We managed to get through Friday, even taking an adventure to the pottery painting store with Daddy (who got off work early!).  And while we had fun, our big girl just wasn’t herself.   She’d play for awhile, even hung out with her buddy K, but something was still off.  She was Sad.  Uncomfy and tired.

4am Saturday morning, proved only to be more puking.  And as I watched her fall restlessly back to sleep I just kept thinking “Please let this be the end, please!”  She seemed better Saturday, playing with her little sister and hanging off her Daddy, but she still wasn’t herself, and still complained her tummy hurt to eat.  I decided that if she wasn’t better by Monday we’d get in to see our regular doc ( if we were lucky, wait lists are long here) and check things out, but was pretty confident that it wasn’t necessary.

But as Sunday wore on, and Grandma and Grandpa arrived, I couldn’t shake the feeling she needed to be seen.  Something wasn’t right and while she would happily play, she should be eating by now, this should be done.

So off to the clinic we went.  She bravely showed the doctor where her tummy hurt and let him poke around.  He “hmmm’d” and he wrote on the chart, then he looked at me and said,

“There is a horrible tummy bug going around right now.  It’s hitting kid’s GI tracks really badly and it’s hit Bethany.  She has a burnt stomach lining and can’t eat anything for the remainder of today.  She can drink water (check), black tea (maybe), Gatorade (fat chance) and Pedialyte (Gag, nope).  That’s it!  You need to give her stomach a chance to heal and NO DAIRY!”  He gave us a few more suggestions and a medicine to help with the diarrhea and we were on our way. 

We followed his suggestions to the T and the last few days have been hard.  Today, finally Bethany began eating some what normally again.  She still says her tummy hurts a tiny bit but at least she wants to eat today, and she’s back to drinking normally.  We’re finally seeing glimpses of our girlie and we’re so glad, it was a long week for her and one I’m praying we don’t ever have to repeat.

*”Gross me Green Grammy” is an epic phrase in our family.  Way back in the days of my own childhood (which is far enough away that I’m not disclosing their actual date) right about the time I was Bethany’s age, a relative had me walk up to my own sweet and conservative Grammy and say  “Gross  me Green Grammy”.  She was appalled at how her sweet little grand daughter could ever say such a thing.  Everyone thought it was hilarious and it stuck. *

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  1. Love the picture of you Ashley… and Bethany you are so sweet with your funny face making. Love ya! I am so glad that you are all finally feeling better!!! Hugs Mom / Grammy

  2. I adore that photo! Great glasses, they suit you to a T!

    What a horrid bug. Here's to no more Gross me Green Grammy in the Stone house!!!
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