I don’t do Wordless Wednesday

If you’ve ever had the misfortune priveledge of talking on the phone with me, or in person for that matter.  You’ll know that conversation is something I never lack, and words are something that rarely fail me.  So, it’s absolutely absurd to think I that I would participate in anything “wordless” because we all know it won’t happen.

That being said, today is Wednesday and I’ve got some favourite pictures to share, but not a whole lot to say (notice I did not say “nothing to say”).  So here they are…

This is how we’ve spent so much of the sunny weather, outside, mostly in the backyard with both girls on the swings. 

Bethany has learned how to pump, which means one push from us is all she needs to be happy for an hour.  That and a few toe tickles along the way 🙂

And Audrey, our little anti-swingist has come around and she too loves to spend hours swinging too and fro.  I just have remember if the day has been napless, which many days have been, and it’s late in the afternoon to watch her because she’ll all of a sudden be fast asleep.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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