When Sunshine happens to good people

Remember last summer when we had our From the Soap Box – Sun Safety talk?  You know, it’s the one where I tell you all about the dangers of sun damage, skin cancer and the necessity of sunscreen for not only your children but yourself.  It was important, and classic and I’m sure you bookmarked it and have read it at least 4 times already this summer season.  Or, not.

I still believe that very strongly, I still don’t tan (because I tomato, but you’ll see that), I still firmly believe in sunscreen being a daily part of our summer days, but I wasn’t sure you got the point.  So, in selfless fashion, I decided to show you what can happen if you get so busy mowing the lawn, packing the bag for the day out and taking kids pee 4 million times in an hour neglect yourself in the whole sunscreen application process. 

 Soooo often as mothers we get busy worry about our kids, our husbands and everyone else, we end up forgetting someone.  It’s our job and our privilege to do those things, but sometimes, at least for me, we forget that one of the biggest ways we can care for our families, is care for our selves.  And when we don’t it looks something like this…

This was my consequence for not wearing sunscreen yesterday, and believe me I’ve learned my lesson.  This morning’s work out was painful, not because my abs were screaming (although they were) or because my butt cheeks were a flexin’ (you’re welcome for that) but because with each crunch, roll up (of the fitness kind, not the “fruit” variety) was friction on an already sensitive spot.  And the shower that followed wasn’t much better, nor was the part of the day that Audrey decided it to be sweet and “scratch a back Mummy, you feel waaaay better”.

My back will heal, I’ll stop complaining (because nobody likes a whiner) and I’ve learned my lesson.  But have you? 

Take a stand against skin cancer, say NO to doing the “bright red tomato” (see above) and slather on the sunblock.  Because I said so, and I’m the Mom.

One thought on “When Sunshine happens to good people

  1. Oh dear! That does look very painful, I hope it heals quickly and doesn't peel. Peeling is the worst. We haven't had enough sun over here to be worried. I have some spray on stuff that we use for going on walks because clouds can be dangerous too for UV but I'm wishing for some more sun! (well, kind of. We don't have air conditioning over here and when it's hot, it's HOT. So far, opening the windows has been good enough thank you Lord!)
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