I was insulted at the dentist

I had a cavity.  I. Had. A CAVITY!

A few weeks ago, during a cleaning and regular x-ray, my hygenist announced that I had a cavity.  And I was crushed.  (This apparently is funny if you are certain members of my family.  I was, to say the least insulted.  I hadn’t felt said cavity, nor did I believe it’s existance, until I was actually shown the x-ray.  Sure I didn’t floss as much as I should, but I brush at least twice a day, often more.  So, I should not have a cavity, right?)

You see, I’ve prided myself on the fact that I’ve spent 27 years on this earth and have never once had a cavity. They always say you either have wicked enamel and little to no cavities but problem gums or you have cavities galore and fantastic gums.   Knowing that, I guess I always thought that I was fine, I mean I struggle with gum issues but my teeth, they’ve been golden. Until now.

This was a baby cavity they said.  The hygenist desperately looking for something to calm me down as tears welled up in my eyes.  “Don’t worry!  It’s a flossing cavity, hiding between two teeth!  It’s tiny, nothing much to fill and we caught it before it was a problem…”

I smiled, nodded and felt my stomach roll over.  Seriously, how did I get a cavity?

Turns out flossing? It’s important. 

Anyways, today I went in and had it filled.  I was nervous, but feeling like a brave soldier.  Yes, I know I’m 27 not 7, but cut me some slack.  This was new to me.

They froze, they drilled, they froze again, then dabbed, they scraped, they stuck a light thingy in there and it was over.  I walked out to settle up, my lip drooping sadly to the ground, shaking like a leaf.  (Nerves paired with dental freezing, always leaves me with a bizarre shaking that lasts about an hour.)

I settled up with the girls at the front and joked with people who’ve been keeping care of my mouth for years.  (I’ve had the same dentist, who happens to be a family friend, since I was about 4 years old)  They offered me a “prize” from the toy cupboard as a reward, and I bravely declined, even though a shiny green ring was tempting…:)

As I drove away two thoughts crossed my mind:

1. I will floss my children’s teeth with great dedication, along with my own from hear ever after.  I don’t want to do that again, nor do I want them to have to face it, let’s keep with the awesome teeth!

2. Why is it as soon as a dentist begins to work, he also begins to chatter?  And not just chatter, but pepper that chatter with questions that require answers?  I’ve decided it should be taught in dental school, and made a complete requirement for diploma – “While jamming your hands down a patients throat (which he didn’t but it may have felt like it) you shall not ask any question that requires more than 1 blink for yes or 2 blinks for no”

How about you?  Are you cavity prone or are you a member of the “perfect teeth” club along with Corey?

3 thoughts on “I was insulted at the dentist

  1. I have beautiful teeth that cost my parents a fortune and my dentist reminds me of it… but before I turned 20 I was told I too had a cavity. I was so not impressed because I'm a little bit ocd when it comes to teeth brushing and flossing so I was very sad about it and even more so because it was my birthday and the following week I was getting married. Mine too was a tiny one and it required no freezing thankfully because if there had been a needle going in I would have been on the ground. Needles are not friends and I'm pretty sure the whole time they did their business I had tears streaming down my face just because I don't like the dentist. But yes I'm with you on the whole prevent the child from getting any cavities and such. Spencer has good teeth. That same day I had them paint my molars with the protective enamel once they were done the drilling. Just something to consider for when the girls are older, the dentist can paint their molars with some enamel kind of stuff that is supposed to protect them from cavities.

    Hope your day got better and that you didn't have too big a puddle of drool 🙂

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