I don’t believe in Watering the Lawn…

Seriously, I don’t believe in watering our lawn.  In fact, aside from a donutty type thing for the kids to play in, we don’t even own a sprinkler.   Regardless of what the weather this summer does, Corey and I have no intentions of watering our grass.

Now, before you go all “Save the Blades” on me (you know Save the Whales…Save the Blades….of grass.  Right, Lame.) just hear me out.

Our theory on the Lawn Watering Boycott of 2011 is multi-purpose.

1. If we don’t water the lawn, we are helping to conserve water right?  People all over the place use up gallons and gallons of water keeping their grass green, and making more work for themselves (see the points to follow).  If that’s you, that’s totally fine, I’m not judging, I might even admire the lushness of your lawn should the weather turn hot, but it’s not for us.  The large amount of water we save by NOT watering our lawn means, that when the girls are outside splashing in their little pool or running in circles around the sprinkling donut thing, I’m not worried about it. 

2. Because we aren’t seriously concerned about watering out lawn it means that I don’t have to take the time (because 30 seconds is forever when the mosquitos are out) to put out the sprinkler.  I also don’t have to then move the sprinkler, remember to turn it off before I go to bed and I no longer have to stress about my forgetfulness completely flooding the neighbours basement. 

3. If we don’t water our lawn, and the weather is hot, the natural progression is dryish grass that doesn’t grow very fast.  That means I don’t have to cut it every 5 days!  (Yes, right now we’re on an every 5 to 7 day schedule.  And while I love the exercise, I’m getting sick of having to cut it.  Cutting leads to weed wacking, and weed wacking leads to serious frustration and grass in my shirt)  We could maybe go a week or two and not have to worry that should it not be cut, our house will look like it’s lived in my a bunch of hermits.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  I bet right now, you’re thinking “Hmmmm, these Stones might be onto something here” and we are!  This theory, should it need to be implemented is golden, heck it might even border on genius. 

In all reality, we live in the Fraser Valley and so far this summer the track record is 1 day of sun to 5 days of rain, so nobody’s even thinking watering, yet.  Our lawn is lovely and growing like crazy!   But just in case summer arrives, and things start to crisp up I thought I’d let you in on the secret.  That way, when you come over to visit, you’ll understand the brown and the beauty it can hold.

2 thoughts on “I don’t believe in Watering the Lawn…

  1. Corey Dad just moved back into his family homes which has been rented for a 'few' years…upon my meeting with the out-going tenants a couple of weeks ago and upon seeing said lawn COMPLETELY obliterated due to lack of water…I told Bert (forwarned = defusing the situation/reaction later.

    Bert (Dad) was very visibly upset because although Bertrum has never (since I have known him) cared much for flowers or shrubs, he does however luuuuve his green grass and water(ed) it not stop when he resided in the house.

    Sooo when times changed and he moved out of 'Chase' in every contract to rent the house….I, on his instruction..added an addendum…."upstairs tenant is responsible for the care and maintenance of the lawns". Sprinklers and a very expensive ride on lawn mower were supplied. Extra watering rates paid and for 5 years this was not an issue.

    So in moved Bertrums 'best' friends..Shannon and Rick…who due to some bad tempers on their part..not Bert's…they decide not to water the lawn….said lawn is gone unless you like a rather ugly colour of burnt yellow.

    The moral of this story is…..when you rent…you have to do certain things..one of them is the maintenance on the house to keep it in shape…this includes watering the lawn..religiously to maintain a nice green healthy grass..

    Please dont take this comment as a chiding…because it is not meant as one..only a warning in case you don't know….your damage deposit will be withheld by even the most friendly landlord if in fact you 'allow' the lawn to die…replacement of sod is expensive…as Bertrums best friends just found out…it cost them $600.00 in lost damage deposit….pending the cost to repair and/or replace the destroyed lawn….please don't put yourself in this position…turn that sprinkler on every other day..and think of it as contributing to the circle of life…rain (watering) brings up the worms (which Bethany LOVES…) which the birds eat, which we all watch with pleasure and listen to with even more….all Gods creatures need taking care of..and who says the grass doesn't weep for water like the trees cry when they are cut…

    Footnote….Corey can put in a mean sprinkler system, I know he and the gang did for me many years ago….and I loved it…as I really hated …..watering the yard.

    Stay well and safe…and (please) take care of your Dad for me. He needs a little watering too…..

    Love Sue…..Good Bye..kiss the little girls for me.

    Go Green…….conserve water…..by all means….good work there.

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