The Nap

Audrey has decided she’s done napping.

This does NOT make me happy.

From the time Audrey went from two naps a day down to one, she’d always been a morning napper.  Right around 11am, she’d head for bed, or get tucked in, sleep for an hour an a half, wake up happy, eat lunch and then carry on for the day.  Then by bedtime she was tired and ready for sleep.  It worked, really well.

Then 6 weeks ago or so, she decided to potty train herself, throw away her soother and cut out her naps all at once.  It was a very big weekend.

Most of those developments were awesome.  We are so proud that she’s such a big girl, but her absolute determination that she’s a “Grown Up” and doesn’t need a nap is causing some grief. For all of us.

She still needs her sleep.  If we’re in the car for very long mid morning she passes out, or will try at 4:30pm on our way home from work when should she sleep it will cause her to be awake until midnight.  However, if I try to put her for a nap she talks, squirms, wiggles, wails and fights, refusing to pass out.  Nothing, I mean nothing can get that kid to fall asleep in a bed.

Now, while many would think that this makes bedtime a breeze, because she’s tired and ready to sleep, it is not entirely true.  You see by about 5pm she gets her second wind, and is full of energy.  She is also, however, full of attitude.  She’s grumpy, difficult, defiant (more so than the average 2 year old) and just plain irrational. 

Now, we’ve already discussed the fact that not only am I capable of Sportin’ a ‘Tude, but that our children are as well.   We all get attitudes from time to time, we’re all entitled to our bad moods, grouchy days and lousy moments, it’s just part of life.  However, having it be a daily occurence is cause for a frustrated Mommy (or Daddy), a kid who’s got a Time Out corner imprint on her forehead and a countdown for bedtime.

It’s not cool.

Then, there are days like the other day.  It was hot, Audrey had chosen to wake up exceptionally early that day, she hadn’t been sleeping (a month straight without either child sleeping through the night.  Yes I’d like some pity) at night and she was tired.  Exhausted even.  It was about 3pm and I’d been trying on and off for hours to get her to take a rest, but she resisted. 

Finally, I decided to sit down and snuggle her and let the girls watch a bit of a movie to take a break from the heat outside.  This is how she looked…

She wasn’t watching the TV, she was watching her sister.  Then, before I knew it she was asleep.  Normally, that would have been great.  Except….she’s newly potty trained. And she hadn’t been pee in a while. And she’d just finished a very large glass of water 15 minutes before. And before I knew it…

There was a new warmth.  My recliner was drenched.  My pants were drenched.  My underwear was drenched (you’re welcome).  It was “awesome”.

You know “awesome” it’s drippy with sarcasm and urine, and it makes you want to smash your head against a brick wall just to continue on with the feeling of “awesome”.  Yes.  That “awesome”.

I jumped up running for towels and dry clothes, leaving poor Audrey standing there, partially awake, bawling her little eyes out. 

Bethany, being the incredible big sister that she is, jumped up, and wrapped a blanket around the currently naked Audrey and snuggled her up while I ran for the dry stuff. 

Not only now, had we managed to get her to nap and completely ruin it, the sequence of events that lead up to her been awaken, created a little menace and bedtime couldn’t come soon enough.

That night after she fell asleep, I was left thinking two things:

Lord, Thank you for my beautiful children.  And please bring back The Nap.