A Sleep Walk

One of our girls favourite things to do at bed time is go for a drive to go to sleep.  Something about having a bath, putting on your jammies and loading into the car feels like a super adventure to them.  We used to do it at least once a weekend and they looked forward to it all week.

But with the cost of fuel on the continual rise, we think a little more about the fuel we are using.  It’s no longer an inexpensive thing to do on a regular basis, and while we still do go for the odd drive, it usually isn’t very often.  We think about each trip we make, and while the environment is thanking us, our girls are sometimes a little sad.

Then the other night at dinner, I made up my mind they could still have a sleep adventure.  After we’d eaten, and done dishes, and played in the backyard (where Audrey decided to walk right in front of her sister on the swing), we headed upstairs to get ready for bed.  The girls had their shower, they put on their pj’s and they brushed their teeth, then we went to the garage…

Where I pulled out the stroller.  Instead of going for a drive to sleep, we went for a walk!

I’m a big fan of exercise, and make sure to put in a minimum of an hour a day 6 days a week, in the mornings.  These are planned and organized workouts to keep both my body healthy and trim, but also to teach our girls good habits about a healthy lifestyle.  And so far I think that’s exactly what they are learning, they workout with me often and are known to wipe out “Warrior” to show anyone who’ll watch.

The thing is, planned workouts are great, as are trips to the gym and fitness classes, but if they only exercise you get is indoors, or scheduled you’re missing out!  Park at the back of the parking lot to get groceries instead of by the door and take advantage of the extra few minutes walk, take the stairs not the elevator and get outside to play with your kids.  You’re still getting exercise but you’re also making life efficient and I love that!

So, that’s what we did.  It only took about 1/2 an hour and about 5km to get them out, but it was great!  They had fun, I got to squeek in a second round of exercise for the day, bedtime was a breeze (no arguing “I’m not SLEEPY”) and we all enjoyed the beautiful evening.  We will absolutely be going for a walk to sleep again!

Now, all I need is an easier way to get them up to bed.  Hoofing a 41lb kid, who’s a dead weight in sleep up the stairs is almost more than this Momma can handle.

Any volunteers?