Finish it Friday – If I had a Million dollars, I would…

Introducing “Finish it Friday”, when I start the sentence and you – finish it! I posed a “finishing this sentence…” on Facebook the other day and the responses to the question got me to thinking, maybe I should try it here.  You know to kick things up a notch and, well get a few more comments! (because Comments are my drug)

So, here we go! I’ll ask and I’ll also finish it for myself, then we’ll all wait and see what you have to say too!

Question #1 – If I had a million dollars, I would…”

Most people were on the same page with this one they’d buy/pay off a home first.  A few would travel, give the money away and one would put dirt in his hair (but let’s be honest here Steve, you’d do that anyways!).  And one asked me what I would do, hmmm….

Make life a little easier for my Mom and Dad, my brother, Corey’s brothers/parents and do my best to do what God wanted me to with it.

I’d want to make sure that our girls had something set aside for when they were older and that Corey had a truck that made him happy.

After that who knows.  Money’s only good if you have someone to help with it and “stuff” is only good when you’re not laughing alone.

So, what about you?  Finish this sentence –

“If I had a Million Dollars, I would…”

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