You know you’re distracted when…

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You know you’re distracted when…

– you almost pour milk on your daughter’s breakfast, and it’s pancakes not cereal

– call your mother to ask her a question and then sit in silence on the other end of the phone, because for the life of you, you can’t remember why you called

– you fill out a whole bunch of official forms for your husband, that has taken you the better part of an hour and then sign them (when they were for him to sign, your job was to fill out the rest in legible printing) – meaning you’ll have to sign them again

– instead of turning the blaring kitchen timer off when you take the cookies out of the oven, you turn the oven off. (while there are still 4 batches waiting to bake)

– go into the kitchen to put lotion on your hands and instead slather them with dish soap

– after removing both your card and your cash from the ATM you pick up your wallet and keys, turn to the ATM with key FOB (vehicle remote) and press lock twice, then walk away.  This is made worse by the fact that you don’t realize your blunder until you’ve exited the bank and are en route to your vehicle.

This week has kicked my butt.  It hasn’t been the worst week we’ve ever had, nor the busiest, but it has officially slammed me.  Between kid attitudes, hot weather and being plain ol’ tired I have been more than a little distracted.

And apparently it’s starting to show.

One thought on “You know you’re distracted when…

  1. Okay your little blunders remind me of what happened at the restaurant we were at last night… we had finished paying and had asked for our receipt and the waitress gave us the debit machine and took both copies of the receipt with her and walked a meter or two away from us before turning around. Spencer and I had such a good laugh. It made my dinner (that wasn’t so good to begin with) worth it!

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