Family time is Golden

This past two weeks Corey was away in Golden working.  Which meant of course that I was home playing the solo-parenting game.

They were two very long weeks.

It’s not that we haven’t done this before, Corey went away for almost 3 weeks last year and the kids and I did just fine.  And it’s not that this year was any different, but for some reason it felt harder.

Maybe it’s because I began the two weeks exceptionally tired, maybe it’s because the girls are older and this year they both noticed he was gone, showing it in their behaviour (Audrey was particularly difficult to deal with and Bethany chose not sleep through the night at all) or maybe it’s simply because I love the guy and miss him when he’s gone.  I’m not really sure, but what I do know is I was very glad to see him come home!

I think the girls were happy too.

In fact, I know they were happy.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful man as a husband and a father, and the times he’s away really make us see it.

Corey treats us like princesses, all of us.  He’s loving and attentive, never turns down a snuggle or passes on a hug, he plays for hours with the girls without ever seeming to tire of it, and he remembers to do the little things that make me feel special.  Sure he’s not perfect, but neither am I (shocker I know!) but since I don’t want people to dwell on my short comings, I do my best not to dwell on his.

Knowing how very much I love my Starbucks tea, and that I was out of it.  Corey came with more last night as a surprise!

Instead, I’d rather focus on how great his, how loved he makes us feel and how wonderful it is to have him home!